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Seafood: An Introduction

Seafood: An Introduction

A lot of children (and adults) struggle with the idea of seafood. But, they really shouldn’t. So we want to help you introduce your kids to the wonderful world of flavour that seafood offers. From traditional fish dishes to calamari and prawns, every type of seafood offers a totally unique flavour and each one is absolutely delicious. Read on for recipes to make for your kids.

One Crunch At A Time

Probably the most widely available type of cooked fish on the planet, Crunchy Crumbed Fish with Tartare Sauce is a slick and simple way to introduce anyone to fish. It takes only fifteen minutes to cook and goes with almost any side - chips, salad, you name it. See how your kids like it before moving onto the next dish – we promise it’ll go down swimmingly!

King Of The Ring

Up next: Calamari! Crumbed Calamari is normally a massive hit with kids, especially if they’re fans of crumbed fish. It’s an easy-to-eat finger food they can snack on throughout the day, which is also a great ingredient in a big, leafy salad, covered in Honey and Mustard Salad Dressing.

A Tropical Treat

As soon as you feel comfortable that your kids have adjusted to the idea of eating delicious fish, it’s time to up the stakes a little bit. And this Lemon Butter Hake with a Chunky Mango Salad is an amazing way to do just that. Sweet, zesty and savoury all at once, there isn't a one boring bite hidden in this vibrant combination of flavours. So, why not see what your kids make of it?

For The Fish

The final step in our introduction to seafood is Pasta Alfredo with Salmon and Butternut. Salmon can sometimes be a ‘fishier fish than most’ – meaning it can have a very distinct taste of the ocean. But, have no fear. Beneath this Alfredo sauce and combined with the warm flavour of butternut, the salmon turns into a mouth-watering explosion of flavour that all fish lovers (new and old) will undoubtedly adore.

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