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Robertsons Masterblends Spicy Shisanyama

Robertsons Masterblends Spicy Shisanyama

Remember those weekends when you’d wake up to the delectable scent of the braai heating up coming through your windows? When you think of those mouth-watering memories, usually, only the taste of something yummy straight from the braai grill will satisfy that grumble in your belly. But what if, even on meat-free Mondays or days when you don’t have the time to set up the braai, you can still enjoy the smokey, fiery shisa nyama flavours you love without bringing out the braai stand?

With Robertsons Spicy Shisanyama Masterblend, you can tuck into the braai flavours you love, with a lot less fuss. If you want to enjoy the scrumptious shisa nyama flavours you love beyond the braai stand, read on as we explore some simple tips to help you unlock the deliciousness of Robertsons’ Mzansi-inspired Shisanyama Spice.

Shisanyama – A Mzansi Staple

Whether you like to use wood or charcoal; have salads or starches as your side or like to throw some veggies on the grill, a weekend shisanyama or braai is a long-standing favourite South African tradition. From the fantastic smokey flavours it delivers to the tantalising grill marks, gorgeous colours and unmistakable aroma, there’s nothing quite like this local cooking method.

But while having a braai is always lekker, there will be days when time or your schedule just won’t allow you to create those rich, spicy, smokey, shisanyama flavours you love.

Fortunately, with Robertsons' expertly blended Shisanyama Spice, you can enjoy those warm, delicious braai flavours you crave, every day! Let’s explore the magic behind this expert spice mix with an Mzansi flare, and then dive into some tasty recipes to help you unleash local flavour in any meal.

Breaking Down Robertsons’ Robust Shisanyama Spice

Robertsons’ Spicy Shisanyama blend is a versatile spice mix renowned for its smokey, spicy and well-balanced flavour profile. The rich, unique flavour behind this tasty spice is the result of combining an exquisite selection of the finest quality herbs and spices with Robertsons’ long-standing spice-blending expertise.

Since its inception, Robertsons has been on a mission to deliver an expert blend of quality and taste to your plate, to enable you to discover bold, new worlds of flavour, and with the Shisanyama Masterblend, it’s no different! Offering you a rich mix of spicy, smokey flavours to tantalise your tastebuds with the savoury braai taste South Africans love, Robertsons Shisanyama Spice offers you a delicious and distinct taste of local flavour.

The expert selection of herbs and spices is masterfully crafted to give you the rich, spicy, tasty and versatile Shisanyama Masterblend. Whether it’s adding a smokey twist to your steak gatsby or using it as the secret ingredient to add local spiciness to your famous potato wedges, this versatile seasoning will bring the braai flavours you love to any dish. Want to know how? Then let’s explore three easy and flavourful recipes using Robertsons Shisanyama spice.

Enjoy a Taste of Mzansi With Robertsons Spicy Shisanyama Masterblend

Nacho Chicken Salad - Embark on a taste adventure with this nacho chicken salad featuring Robertsons’ Spicy Shisanyama Masterblend. The Robertsons seasoning adds a smoky and spicy punch to tender chicken strips, making them the star of this delicious Mexican-inspired salad. The heat of the seasoning combines with the coolness of crisp lettuce, creamy avocado and refreshing salsa for a flavour explosion that will leave your tastebuds dancing.

Spicy Braised Cabbage - Turn a humble cabbage into a showstopper with this braised cabbage recipe. Robertsons Spicy Shisanyama spice infuses this side dish with a deep and smoky heat that transforms the cabbage into a culinary masterpiece.

Crispy and Sticky Chicken Wings - Prepare for a finger-licking experience with our crispy and sticky chicken wings seasoned with Robertsons’ Spicy Shisanyama spice. This mouthwatering recipe combines the irresistible crunch of perfectly crispy wings with a sticky, spicy glaze that's impossible to resist. The seasoning adds layers of smokiness and heat to these wings, making them the ultimate crowd-pleaser for any gathering.

Let these three mouth-watering recipes be your guide to experimenting with Robertsons Shisanyama Spice in your own recipes. Get creative and experiment with Robertsons Spicy Shisanyama Masterblend and transform your dishes into gourmet experiences with a local flare with this rich, quality spice blend. Visit What’s For Dinner for more delicious recipe inspiration today.

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