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Quick Curry Recipes For Those Lazy Nights

Quick Curry Recipes For Those Lazy Nights

At some point, everybody’s experienced those lazy nights when sweating away at the stove to make a delicious curry dinner is the last thing you want to do. While the curry craving may have hit you, whether you’re short on time or just plain tired, several factors can get in the way of you getting to chow down on a yummy curry dish. If you’re worried that a lack of time, electricity or a simple lazy night will get in the way of you getting to enjoy your curry dinner, think again, because What’s For Dinner has the solution.

With our four seriously flavoursome and fiery quick and easy curry recipe ideas, infused with the robust flavours of Rajah, you’ll be set to have a satisfying curry whenever you like, no matter the circumstances. So if you’re looking for quick, easy, tasty curry recipe inspiration, let’s dig in!

Quick and Tasty Curry Inspiration

When it comes to curries, a lot of people like to keep them classic. Whether it’s a vindaloo, butter chicken or tikka masala, few meals can match the amazing flavours and mouth-watering aromas of a curry dish infused with the richness of Rajah. Unfortunately, even when you have a Rajah curry powder on hand, sometimes there’s just not enough time or inspiration to make an amazing meal with the authentic curry flavours you love.

But, worry not, because we’ve got the solution for you with four sensational curry-inspired recipes that are super quick and super flavourful thanks to the robust flavours of Rajah.

Cure Your Curry Craving With These Recipes

Curried Chicken Liver Bunny Chow

With the rich, robust flavours and irresistible aromas bursting from this dish, no dinner guest will be able to believe it was ready in just 35 minutes! With the spicy flavours of Rajah’s Mild & Spicy Curry Powder delivering a gentle but delightful heat to this dish, give this meal a go when you want a meal that won’t fail to satisfy.

Lamb Koftas in a Creamy Curry Sauce

Give this quick curry recipe a try and feast on the fantastic flavours of the Middle East with this curry-infused dish. It’s so quick and simple to make and is bursting with the amazing taste of Rajah Hot Curry Powder and Rajah’s Mild & Spicy Curry Powder. Thanks to the flavours of the Rajah curry powders, these lamb koftas pack a fiery and flavourful punch the whole family will love.

Seafood Curry Pot

Bringing you a taste of some of the sensational flavours of our seas, this seafood curry pot is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. The Rajah Medium Curry Powder adds generous flavour and the perfect amount of heat to transform this quick and easy 30-minute curry into a mouth-watering meal.

Veggie Curry with Roti

This veggie curry is the perfect dish for those lazy meatless Mondays when you need something flavoursome, filling and spicy to tuck into. The Rajah Flavourful & Mild Curry Powder infuses the various veggies in this recipe with incredible flavour, for a satisfying spicy meal that’s full of good-for-you ingredients and heaps of deliciousness.

With these four delectable, quick and easy curry-inspired recipes, you’ll be able to whip up mouth-watering meals in less than an hour, sure to satisfy you. For more sensational recipe ideas to get you by on lazy nights or when you’re short on time, visit What’s For Dinner today and find meal ideas everyone will want to tuck into.

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