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Rajah, Aroma you can taste no matter the meal

Rajah Hot Curry Powder


Hot. Flaming. Warm. Spicy. No matter what word you choose to use, our Rajah Hot Curry Powder is sure to put a fire in your belly. Whether it’s a weekday family dinner, hosting lunch for friends or celebrating traditional events like weddings, umsebenzi, umembeso, and umemulo, it’s the top choice for an intense, fiery feast.

And who better to trust to deliver just the right amount of aromatic magic than Rajah, which has been serving South African families with unique, irresistible curry powders since 1938. Our versatile and well-rounded range uses fresh ingredients, is non-irradiated, and is GMO and MSG-free. Little wonder that Rajah continues the proud tradition of drawing families and communities together.

Rajah hot curry powder is made from natural ingredients combined to create the finest blend of spices. We mix coriander, cumin, methee, paprika and chilli in the perfect balance for brilliant colour, irresistible aroma, satisfying heat, and exceptional taste. It’s the chillies that we use that make a truly hot curry; adding an intensity and zing that is part of our signature. This unique combination joins people together, inspires sharing, and makes for memorable moments.

Key Benefits:

• Fresh

• Natural ingredients

• GMO free

• No added MSG

• Non-irradiated

• No added preservatives

• No artificial colourants

• Satisfying heat

• Irresistible aroma

• Robust flavour

• Halaal

• Vegan friendly

How To Use Rajah Hot Curry Powder

There are as many ways to cook a delicious curry as there are recipes, and there’s no shortage of inspiration out there, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned chef. But there are some things we’ve found work best when using our curry powder: adding it to a little liquid (water, stock, yoghurt, coconut milk) to make a paste, before frying in a little oil, butter or ghee alongside onions and garlic to form a perfect curry base. As with all good things, a delicious curry is best cooked slowly, allowing the flavours to infuse.

Typically, hot curry powder is used in highly spiced, mainly curried dishes. But it can just as well flavour a range of other meals including masalas, potjies, oxtail and sishebos. It’s also delicious mixed with mayonnaise for a burger sauce, combined with soya sauce when flavouring tofu, infused with pasta, and as a spicy meat seasoning. Additionally, Rajah hot curry powder is suitable for vegetarian recipes like lentil breyani and soya mince cottage pie. As for how much Rajah to use, check out the cooking instructions on the packaging box. Alternatively, be guided by your recipe of choice.

Sizes And Variants

Rajah curry powders are available in 7g envelopes or 50g, 100g, 200g and 350g packs. Other variants include:

• Rajah Mild & Spicy Curry Powder

• Rajah Medium Curry Powder

• Rajah Mild Masala Curry Powder

• Rajah All-In-One Curry Powder

• Rajah Flavourful & Mild Curry Powder

EAN: 6001038204556




Ingredients: Coriander, chilli, wheat bran (gluten), cumin, methee, turmeric, fennel, paprika, cassia, cloves.


This product contains Cereals containing gluten and their derivates. May Contain Eggs and their derivates, Soybeans and their derivates, Milk and its derivates.

Nutritional information

Per Serving
Calories per 100g221 kcal
Total Fat per 100g13.7 g
Saturated Fats per 100g1.7 g
Trans Fat per 100gm0.2 g
Polyunsaturated Fats per 100g4.7 g
Monounsaturated Fats per 100gm7.2 g
Cholesterol per 100gm0 mg
Total Carbohydrates per 100g20 g
Sugars per 100g8.8 g
Dietary Fiber per 100gm36.2 g
Protein per 100gm13.4 g
Sodium per 100gm1059 mg
Total Calories Per Serving
Total Calories Per Serving

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