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Nearly Forgotten Comfort Food Recipes

Nearly Forgotten Comfort Food Recipes

When it comes to comfort food, the name says it all - feel-good foods that are packed with mouth-watering flavours that just make you want to eat more and that unlock memories of Gogo’s famous meals. A lot of the time, these foods are rich, hearty, creamy and of course delicious, making them perfect for serving up a tasty treat.

While comfort foods are great, every now and then we tend to forget those old favourite recipes that mean so much to us. So at What’s For Dinner we’ve decided to round up some top comfort food recipes that will remind you why you fell in love with the meal in the first place. So if you’re looking for some delicious dinner recipe inspiration, give our comfort food recipes a try and transport your tastebuds to memories of Gogo’s mnandi meals.

Comfort Foods

Comfort foods make such amazing meals because they taste so good and bring back some of the best memories when you take that first bite. One of the best things about comfort foods is that there are no limits when it comes to this tasty meal. So whether it’s a braai dish that brings back mouth-watering memories or a hearty, creamy stew with dumplings that reminds you of home, the choice is yours as long as you enjoy it.

Today though, we’re focusing on a particular kind of comfort food. We’re focusing on comfort foods with a rich nyama taste that will remind you of days spent sneaking into the kitchen and trying to figure out what the amazing smell coming from Gogo’s pot was all about. So let’s tuck in!

Tasty Comfort Food Recipes for You to Try


This traditional dish is so simple to put together but packed with so much mouth-watering, meaty flavour. The rich, meaty taste of Knorrox Beef Stock Cubes adds hearty flavour to the stewed beef that’s slow-cooked to perfection. If you were looking for different stews to try that offer delicious flavour, this Tshotlo recipe should be first on your list.

Get the recipe here.

Chilli Mince with Vetkoek

There’s nothing like a steaming hot vetkoek to bring back childhood memories of fighting over the last vetkoek with your family members. With the rich flavour of Knorrox Chilli Beef Stock Cubes combined with the hearty and flavourful Knorrox Chilli Beef Flavour Soya Mince, this simple, spicy dish is simply delicious. Give this vetkoek and mince recipe a try for a tasty treat that’s sure to become everyone’s favourite comfort food. Try the Chilli Mince with Vetkoek Recipe today!

Get the recipe here.

Chicken Feet With Mixed Vegetable Sishebo

If you have memories of chewing chicken bones until you were sure there’s no flavours left, this sishebo is for you! This hearty Chicken Feet With Mixed Vegetable Sishebo stew recipe is so flavourful. Packed with the rich nyama taste of Knorrox Spicy Chicken Soup and Knorrox All-in-One Spice this is a stew everyone will want to tuck into. If anyone asks you, ‘what is the most popular stew?’ let them try this comfort food recipe and discover their new favourite meal.

Get the recipe here.

Beef and Vegetable Bunny Chow

It’s hard to eat this tasty comfort meal without being reminded of your first bunny chow. Tearing some bread off, dipping it into the rich meaty stew, flavoured with the goodness of Knorrox Chilli Beef Stock Cubes and Knorrox Chilli Beef Soup Powder for a delicious dish. You won’t regret giving this filling and flavourful Beef and Vegetable Bunny Chow recipe a try.

Get the recipe here.

You deserve to treat yourself and your family to something super tasty. So give these mouth-watering comfort food recipes a try and remind yourself of all the flavours you’ve been missing!

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