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Light and Easy Meals for a Crowd

Light and Easy Meals for a Crowd

Entertaining a crowd might seem like a challenge. As the gracious host you are, you’re probably imagining having to spend hours in the kitchen, but do you know that you can create simple yet elegant dishes that will leave your guests happily filled without too much effort on your part? Here are some easy summer dishes that will dazzle your guests, along with our tips for adding new ingredients and swapping out others to create truly memorable feasts.


A great salad can be made up of a variety of interesting ingredients, and not just the standard cucumber, lettuce and tomato combination we’ve grown accustomed to. Layer your salad with leafy greens, some protein, seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs, croutons, seeds and nuts, plus a delicious KNORR dressing. You’ll surely have a winner! Here are four of our favourite easy summer salads for a crowd: Watermelon, Mint and Feta Salad, Mango Chicken Curry Salad, Curried Peach Noodle Salad and Spinach, Bacon & Feta Salad.

Quick Breads

Fresh bread hot from the oven is a sure crowd pleaser, whether you’re making a quick dough from scratch or buying ready-made supermarket dough. Ring the changes to our Tomato and Olive Festive Flatbread by adding feta cheese and roasted peppers. Add an oniony bite and some heat to Potato and Cheese Bread or Cheesy Mealie Braai Bread by stirring in chopped fresh chives and dried chilli flakes. Create a showstopper of a snack by swapping out biltong for bacon in our whole wheat Garlic, Biltong and Blue Cheese Bread.

Reinventing the Roast

If you’re planning to go the traditional route of roasting poultry or meat, but you’re worried that your favourite recipe with all the usual trimmings might not hit the mark with health-conscious guests, we suggest finding new and inventive ways of presenting your roast. Serve roast chicken, beef, pork or lamb with a substantial, crunchy salad, and swap out fatty roast potatoes for healthier potato wedges or a tangy dish of new potatoes and rocket. Swap hot gravy for a fresh salsa or a cool mayo-based sauce such as Tartare Sauce.


A wide range of fresh fruit is available at this time of the year, so put your creativity to the test by presenting a beautiful platter of chilled sliced mango, litchis, cherries, watermelon and peaches. However, if the task is daunting, creating a great dessert is as easy as pulling out a tub of ice cream. From sundaes and milkshakes to sugar cones, floats and frappés, good quality shop-bought ice cream can go a long way. Top with fruit, nuts, syrup or wafers - the possibilities are endless.

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