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Creamy Pasta Sauces That Will Make Dinner Easy And Delicious

Creamy Pasta Sauces That Will Make Dinner Easy And Delicious

For many, the reality is that while you may want to dine on decadent, saucy pasta dishes, you probably don’t have the time to spend in the kitchen creating flavour-filled meals. So any hopes you may have had of having a rich and creamy plate of pasta for lunch or dinner become but a dream.

If you’ve been craving a sensational creamy pasta dish but being short on time, ingredients and inspiration are getting in the way of your wish, we have a tasty solution for you.

With the Knorr range of quality meal solutions, whipping up a delicious, creamy pasta dish has never been easier. Read on to find out why Knorr’s saucy solutions are a pantry essential you want to stock up on!

How to Make a Creamy Pasta Sauce

Making pasta sauce from scratch can feel like a mission. The long list of ingredients that call for fresh ingredients you may not have on hand, and having to try and balance a bunch of herbs and spices to try and get your sauce flavour just right. Thanks to Knorr though, you can say, “No more!” to days spent trying to cook up the perfect pasta dish. With the Knorr range of easy-to-use pasta & sauce and dry sauce solutionss that are full of classic flavours, a crowd-pleasing creamy pasta dish is at your fingertips.

Creamy Pasta Sauce Meal Inspo with Knorr

Here are three pasta recipes using Knorr’s range of pasta solutions, to get you inspired to create your own incredible creamy pasta meal in minutes, today. Pasta with Creamy Chilli-Garlic Prawns – A rich and creamy prawn pasta dish that’s ready in just 30 minutes – yes please! It’s quick and easy to make and so full of flavour thanks to the Knorr Beef Stroganoff Dry Cook-in-Sauce. Try it tonight and impress any dinner guests with this rich and delicious spicy pasta dish.

Tuna Pasta Bake – Crunchy, creamy, dreamy and absolutely tasty, give this quick and easy pasta recipe a try tonight. The Knorr Alfredo Pasta and Sauce gives this bake a creamy, savoury taste that you won’t be able to get enough of. Whip up a delicious dinner in just an hour with this simple pasta recipe and Knorr.

Smoky Bacon Pasta with Chicken and Butternut – With the fantastic flavour punch this pasta dish packs, no one will be able to believe it was made in just 40 minutes. The Knorr Smokey Bacon and Cheddar Mince Mate ensures this dish is full of smokey, meaty and cheesy flavour for a creamy, mouth-watering meal you’ll want to have at least once a month!

Wanting to have a creamy pasta dish for dinner shouldn’t be an inconvenience. Make your dinner dish wishes a reality with Knorr’s range of incredible, creamy sauce meal solutions and enjoy mouth-watering pasta dishes in minutes.

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