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Affordable Spices And Seasoning

Affordable Spices And Seasoning

Value For Money That Lasts The Whole Month

Has the cost of some spices and seasoning got you dreading a visit to the shops? Is finding quality, affordable spices like looking for a needle in a haystack? And is the range of economy spices and seasoning to choose from a bit bewildering?

You’re not alone. In these tough economic times, South African families from Polokwane to Paternoster are feeling the pinch and looking for the easiest and most affordable way to shop for, and prepare, deliciously seasoned and nutritious food to give them more month at the end of their money.

Affordable Spices

When juggling a budget, we’re all on the look out for affordable seasonings. It is, after all, only a part of a great meal; a sprinkle of spice here, a meaty-flavoured stock cube there. But because spices and seasoning are the key to turning ordinary meals into magical ones, value conscious families shouldn’t have to compromise on finding the best. Can spices and seasoning be good, as well as affordable? We, at Knorrox, know they can.

Let’s face it a dish without spices or seasoning is like a zebra with no stripes - it just doesn’t look right and, more importantly, it doesn’t taste great either. So how can you get good quality economy spices and seasoning into your kitchen on a budget?

Robust Meaty Flavour Without Compromise

Regardless of our bank balance, none of us want bland food. It’s just not the South African way. Which means we’re really good at finding high-quality, value-for-money products.

The key is finding the right balance between quality and price. Cheaper seasonings usually lack quality ingredients and flavour, meaning you have to use a lot more to get the taste you want. And why compromise? Well sourced spices and seasonings, rich in taste and aroma, don’t have to cost the earth. Knorrox spices and seasoning – with a rich meaty taste - are low on price but big on flavour. You only need a small amount to make a big impact on your meals – so it goes further.

Knorrox Stew Recipes

Knorrox spices and seasoning, made from quality ingredients, go a long way on a small budget. With our amazing range of economy spices, you get true bang for buck.

Take this Creamy Chicken and Red Pepper Sishebo. We used just two Knorrox chicken stock cubes to get the mouth-watering taste of slow-roasted chicken in the sauce, yet the dish serves six people. Very affordable; when you buy a packet of 36 Knorrox stock cubes, they last a month.

When you cook Chicken Feet With Mixed Vegetable Sishebo for six people, only one teaspoon of our versatile Knorrox All-In-One spice is needed for the delectable flavour. And because Knorrox spice is available in 175g, 350g and 1kg sizes, if you opt for the smaller bag and only use a teaspoon each time you cook, you can make 43 dishes before you run out. This is a smart way to save money without skimping on taste.

Even vegetarian options like this Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Beans recipe require very little Knorrox when feeding a hungry family. In this recipe we used a single Knorrox chicken stock cube to create a steaming broth for our vegetables. With pumpkin and beans bringing nourishing value to the dish and the Knorrox cube adding the savoury flavour, it’s a win-win family supper.

Economy Spices With Quality Ingredients

Tight budgets shouldn’t keep tasty food off the family table; with Knorrox, affordable spices made from quality ingredients to help your prepare nourishing and tasty meals are not out of reach. What is more, our affordable spices and seasonings lend a meaty heartiness to dishes, and, most importantly, go a long way.

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