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Add zing to your cooking with Rajah spice

Add zing to your cooking with Rajah spice

What do you love most about cooking? Is it the way simple ingredients can be transformed into something delicious or how you get to be in control of the meals you feed your family? No matter the reason you love cooking, it’s a skill everyone should practice every day. When it comes to seasoning your meals, do you turn to basics like salt and pepper or do you like to add a special zing? Curry powder is a great way to add flavour to food – it’s not just for making curries.

Rajah spice blends are different. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and use fresh ingredients that are non-irradiated and MSG-free. We use only the highest quality spices to create blends that are flavourful and perfect for any dish. Whether you’re making a mouth-watering chicken tikka masala, lamb vindaloo, or mutton curry or just want to add a kick of flavour to your rice – Rajah has got you covered.

How Curry Adds More Zing to Your Meals

Curry powder is an incredibly versatile spice in the cooking world. Many chefs around the world are finding new and controversial ways to incorporate this spice into meals such as hamburgers, pastas and more. Curry powder is typically a balanced blend of aromatic spices such as ginger, cardamom, black pepper, turmeric, fennel seed and garam masala. These warm, fragrant spices all work together to create a harmonic and tasty blend of flavours into your meals. The kick that you find in curry powders is usually the amount of pepper, red chillies, and other hot peppers.

How to Use Rajah Spices in Your Cooking?

Rajah has become a household name for many South African homes. The signature aroma of a meal prepared with Rajah can be found at family gatherings, weekday meals and large, traditional feasts. From hot and medium curry powders to delicious spice blends, there’s a flavour for every meal that will help create meaningful mealtime moments. You can use Rajah spices to flavour your cooking, as part of a marinade, as a dry rub or even to season roast vegetables. There’s no “one set way” to use our spices, as long as you season with your heart, you’re making cooking much more fun and memorable.

Foods You Can Include Rajah Spices to Add a Flavourful Zing

There’s no zing quite like a Rajah zing. Why settle for bland food when you can create deliciously easy meals that are packed to the brim with flavour? Every bite is a tantalising sensation as it feels like your taste buds are physically dancing with happiness. Here are some recipe ideas that you can prepare with Rajah to add that flavourful zing that will have your family compliment you on your cooking.

Curried Mince with Mixed Vegetables

Transform ordinary mince into a delicious family dinner with this mouth-watering curried mince and mixed vegetable recipe. Using Rajah Flavourful & Mild curry, mince and mixed veggies, dinner will be ready in less than 30 minutes. Serve on hot, buttered toast or with pap or mash.

Flavourful Beef Curry

Slow-cooked, creamy and rich, this mind-blowing beef curry recipe is cooked low and slow with tomatoes until meltingly tender. The Rajah Hot Curry powder adds a pleasant kick of spice while still making it enjoyable. Serve with rice or naan bread and sambals.

Spicy Mutton Breyani

Traditional breyani will always be a winning dish. This irresistible spicy mutton breyani recipe is combined with maas and Rajah Mild & Spicy curry powder and baked until perfection. Even better, this recipe only calls for two hours of cooking and prep.

Flavourful Chicken Curry

A classic chicken curry will never go out of style. This flavourful chicken curry recipe is so easy, you can make it for family dinners or even during the week. Made with potatoes, carrots, and Rajah Flavourful & Mild curry powder, you can expect family members to dish up seconds!

Unlocking that Flavourful Zing in your Dishes with Rajah Spices

Something is rewarding and beautiful about making curry at home. It’s so easy to order curry as a takeaway, but knowing you made a delicious authentic curry at home makes you feel proud. Cooking a fragrant curry doesn’t come easy, but Rajah curry powders and spice blends make it easier. The trick to cooking a fragrant, aromatic curry is to fry your spice in oil until that bitter taste is removed. Remember not to burn it, as this can seriously tarnish the taste of your curry.

Take your time cooking and let Rajah do all the hard work in seasoning the curry for you. You can choose between 6 different heat variations of our curry powder. Each is tailored to accommodate those with different taste buds.

If you love a good curry and want to explore other recipes, head to WhatsForDinner and discover a world of spice and flavour today.

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