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5 Spring Cook-In-Bag Suppers

5 Spring Cook-In-Bag Suppers

Here are a few dinner recipes that are seasonal, require minimum time in the kitchen and are packed with flavour.

Creamy Garlic Sweet Potato Bake
A braai should be your night off. So get your hubby to light the fire and enjoy sitting outside in front of the glowing coals while this delicious side bakes away in the oven. How’s that for an easy dinner recipe?

Honey And Mustard Chicken Breasts
Baby marrows are a delicious and versatile spring vegetable. Add these along with sweet potatoes and chicken fillets into a Garlic and Rosemary Cook-in-Bag for a no-fuss meal. Knorr Cook-in-Bags make every dinner recipe a quick and easy dinner one.

Barbeque Chicken Wings With Corn On The Cob
It only takes ten minutes to prepare this recipe. While the Cook-in-Bag works its magic in the oven for 45 minutes, you'll have enough time to take a brisk walk around the block and enjoy the fresh air.

Roast Lamb With Mint And Rosemary Gravy
A family roast isn't a daunting task with a Knorr Cook-in-Bag. Even something as tricky as a leg of lamb is guaranteed to be tender and juicy. Accompany with fresh mint, a taste of spring.

Chicken Breasts Stuffed With Apricot And Feta
Use a delicious seasonal fruit like apricots to add a sweet tang to a week night dinner. While the Cook-in-Bag does all the work, you can tend to the garden.

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