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What Is Curry Powder?

What Is Curry Powder?

If ever there was a product that was guaranteed to have a place in pantries across the country - and possibly even the globe - it would have to be curry powder. The reason you’re so likely to find curry powder in the kitchens of your family, friends, and even strangers is because it is so versatile, and it brings such robust flavour to your meals. This vibrant, aromatic and full-of-flavour spice mix is world-renowned for its ability to enhance any dish with rich, fiery flavour.

But while curry powder may be somewhat of a famous spice mix, to most, it is quite a mystery. So if you’re keen on becoming a curry connoisseur, read on as we briefly unpack its origins, what’s in curry powder, and some recipe ideas for you to try out. Let’s dive in!

The Origin Of Curry Powder

Curry powders are so popular because the type and intensity of heat can be adjusted according to your taste. But they typically consist of a blend of spices that include turmeric, coriander, chilli powder, pepper, cumin and ginger, among other ingredients, to infuse your meals with robust, spicy flavour. Curry powders are ideal for creating delicious meals because they eliminate the hassle of you having to try and create a well-balanced spice blend.

Which is why Rajah came to the rescue with a flavourful range of exotic curry powders, that have been tried and trusted to deliver deep, spicy flavour for the most aromatic and delectable meals. To ensure there is a curry powder flavour that pleases everybody’s palate in the home, Rajah has developed 6 curry flavours so that you can create rich, spicy mouth-watering meals at home.

These are:

Curry Recipes You Can Try Today!

While we’ve briefly covered what curry powder is and its origins, you may still be wondering, “What are the uses of curry powder?” Wonder no more because Rajah has two recipes for you to try out to help you spice things up in the kitchen and become a curry master.

Lorraine's Durban Lamb Curry

It doesn’t get much more authentic than this classic local dish. You know Lorrain’s Durban Lamb Curry will be downright delicious as it gives you a taste of Durban’s curry culture. Succulent lamb cubes come together with a host of tasty root vegetables, combined with the delightful heat of Rajah Hot curry powder and the satisfying, aromatic flavour of the Rajah Mild Masala curry powder. For a meal that will make the whole family say mmm, give this recipe a try.

Get the recipe here.

Veggie Vindaloo Curry

This Veggie Vindaloo Curry is perfect for a meat-free Monday meal, but so good you may want to have it every day! Packing a fiery kick from the Rajah Hot curry powder, this hot, healthy and hearty dish is sure to satisfy. Full of yumminess and packed with veggies that are good for you - why not try something new with this Vindaloo curry? You’re sure to love it!

Get the recipe here.

For irresistible, mouth-watering, aromatic meals every time, make sure Rajah’s curry powders are on your spice rack, and you won’t be disappointed.

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