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Types of Gravy You Can Make With Knorrox

Types of Gravy You Can Make With Knorrox

A silky-smooth gravy is what ties many meals together to create a hearty, wholesome, delicious meal. When thinking of the perfect gravy pairing for your main meal, you might find yourself getting confused as recipes for sauces, soups and stews pop up.

So, to help you find the gravy that’s just right for your meal, we’re clearing things up when it comes to this common addition for your favourite meals. Read on for our gravy guidelines so that you can make sure you are making a great gravy to go with your mashed potatoes, and not a soup. Then, find our top three types of gravy you can make with Knorrox, for hearty, filling meals that will keep your family strong and going for longer.

Soup, Sishebo, Sauce or Gravy?

Soups, stews, sauces and gravies are all super flavourful liquid preparations you can add to a meal, or sometimes eat on its own. While they can be prepared in similar ways, each of these sauces has its place in your meal preparations.

Gravy can be a thin or slightly thick sauce, usually made with some form of fat or oil, a thickening agent such as corn flour, and a liquid stock.

Traditionally, gravy recipes will often be made using the juices or fat drippings that were collected from your meat or vegetables while they were cooking. Be sure to remove excess fat from the juices and drippings before moving to the next step for the best results for your gravy. With the drippings as the fat base, flour or corn flour is then added to the melted fat as a thickening agent and blended in, on low heat, with the remaining meat juices.

Next, you will slowly add some boiling water along with a Knorrox Stock Cube or Powder to the flour and fat base, for a rich meaty taste rich taste and to add layers of delicious flavour to your gravy.

Leave the liquid to simmer and thicken, and there you have it, a flavourful companion to add rich, meaty flavour to any meal.

Different Types of Gravy

When it comes to creating a hearty gravy to transform your meals, you have as many options as there are flavours of Knorrox Stock Cubes, Because most gravies are made by adding a stock to the liquid preparation, for a powerful punch of meaty goodness and heaps of flavour, thanks to Knorrox special mix of herbs and spices, add your favourite Knorrox stock cube or powder flavour to your gravy mix.

Gravy Recipes

Now that you know that the secret of a hearty gravy is adding a stock that’s packed with rich meaty flavour, here are three dishes with gravies that are so fantastically full of flavour, the whole family will want to drink it up.

Knorrox Hearty Lentil and Potato Hot Pot

It’s all in the name with this one, this recipe makes use of the full flavour of Knorrox Vegetable Stock Cubes for a delicious and hearty meal, rich in nyama taste that will satisfy the whole family. With lentils and potatoes to absorb the goodness of the gravy, this dish will keep everyone coming back for seconds.

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Ox Liver with Tomato and Pap

There’s nothing quite like dipping a ball of steaming pap into a yummy, silky-smooth gravy, rich in meaty flavour. With this recipe you can truly savour the scrumptious gravy flavour with each pleasing mouthful of pap. This ox liver recipe may seem simple but with the perfect addition of its delicious gravy, this is a definite crowd pleaser, especially on a cold winter evening.

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Tomato Bredie

If you are in need of a simple to make meal that is guaranteed to fill your family’s tummies, this tomato bredie is a delicious meal that is sure to delight. The rich nyama taste packs a punch of flavour in the gorgeous gravy and enhances the mutton flavour while highlighting the other ingredients for a super tasty meal.

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Making a delicious gravy is simple enough, finding gravy recipes that will highlight your ingredients and give your meals a boost of rich nyama flavour is not as easy. So, get your stock powders and cubes out and give our three mnandi recipes a try, and discover the layers of rich flavour a gravy can bring to any meal. For more meal ideas, visit whatsfordinner today.

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