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The Perfect Winter Pasta

The Perfect Winter Pasta

The great thing about pasta is how convenient it is to make. Boil the kettle, throw boiling water in a hot pot, add the pasta and in no time it is done! Mix up some sauce, add it to the pasta and you’re ready to serve. However, you can’t make the same pasta over and over again. And we know exactly what you need to add to your pasta cookbook. Here are three amazing pasta recipes we think you should consider to make August a little tastier:

Pasta Primavera

A vegetarian dish that’s perfect hot or cold, Pasta Primavera is a great spring time meal. Ready to eat in just 15 minutes, it’s full of fantastic vegetables like, broccoli, peas, asparagus and lemon juice, which brings a light and zesty flavour to every mouthful. Savoured it with your family or enjoyed alone, it’s a glorious meal to whip up at home.

Classic Spaghetti Bolognaise

Unlike normal Bolognaise dishes, whose flavour can come into questions, this pasta is always perfect. Thanks to KNORR’s Beef Stock Pot, every single bit of it is a rich, rewarding taste sensation that your family will call for time and again. In fact, if you make Classic Spaghetti Bolognaise in a big, healthy batch you can freeze and store it for your kids, so that they always have something scrumptious waiting at home.

Pasta Parmigiano With Chicken And Italian Herbs

From the heart of Italian cuisine comes a pasta dish full of so much flavour that it instantly makes the day better. Ready in 20 minutes, its flavour is fuelled by grated parmesan cheese, soft chicken breasts, and a cup of cream. When the weather is a little wetter, make your family a big bowl of this and they’re certain to feel great.

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