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Save Electricity While You Cook Dinner

Save Electricity While You Cook Dinner

Water-saving techniques in the kitchen have been taking priority of late, but have you thought about the amount of electricity you could be saving too? Electricity is just as important as water to the cooking process of your food, so here are some simple tips to keep your usage down and reduce your monthly bills:

Putting a lid on your pot will help it reach boiling point quicker, and cook food faster.

Boil water in the kettle and not on the stove.

Keep the oven door completely closed until food is cooked. Each time the door is opened the oven temperature drops and the heat must be replaced - this prolongs cooking time.

Don’t cook food for longer than is necessary.

Consider investing in a gas hob, which will allow you to save money on electricity.

Use pots with flat, unbuckled bases to ensure that heat is evenly distributed. This will reduce cooking time.

Stove plates tend to retain their heat, so switch off the plate a few minutes before removing the pot so the food continues to cook over the residual heat.

Microwave cooking is a convenient and fast way to thaw, heat, or warm up meals. You could also try cooking on an induction hob; unlike cooking over gas or on an electric stove, the heat it generates goes directly into the pot or pan, which helps to save electricity.

Think about investing in nifty and creative gadgets like the Wonderbag. The Wonderbag, a South African invention, is a slow cooker unlike any you’ve ever used before. It is an insulated cloth bag that keeps food cooking for up to 8 hours without the use of electricity – drastically reducing energy consumption.

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