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Prestigious Pot Roasts

Prestigious Pot Roasts

Try These Delicious Pot Roasts

Pot roasts are a stunning, easy way to make delicious food and keep your kitchen clean. A simple reminder of classic cooking, they give every ingredient you use a chance to fully express itself in the dish. Flavours merge, textures blend and new taste sensations are created as you personalise and customise the meal to suit your family’s needs. Take a look at these three classic pot roasts and be inspired!

Crispy Skin For The Win

A dish that’s always exceptional during the week is the Classic Pot Roast Chicken. With a bird of the right size you can cook enough chicken and vegetables to last a few days. You can then use the leftovers to make sandwiches, salads and more. Trust us, as you sink your teeth into the soft white flesh, crispy skin and incredible veggies, you’ll know this meal is a major taste sensation.

The Beef to Beat

A beloved seventy-minute endeavour, Beef Pot Roast is another meal that offers more mouthfuls of flavour than you would dare to expect. It’s a great way to end off the weekend, as everyone mentally prepares for a long week ahead. And, as an added benefit, it tastes even better on toasted ciabatta bread with chutney, cheddar cheese and thin slice of English mustard.

Festive Gammon Pot Roast Feast

A marvelous meal worthy of only the largest family gathering, our Roast Gammon with Honey and Mustard Orange Glaze is a gorgeous addition to any cookbook. Ready to eat in just sixty minutes, it’s a succulent family favourite that takes your taste buds on an exquisite journey and refreshes your palate. Sweet and savoury, soft and crunchy, it’s a meal so rich in flavour that it begs to be enjoyed time and time again. Make sure you make it for your family to show them just how well you can cook.

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