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Our Commitment To Sustainability

Our Commitment To Sustainability

We at Knorr believe that creating sustainable farming practices will not only produce world-class products, but will also ensure that these foods can continue to be grown for many years to come, thus unlocking flavour and goodness from farm to fork. Here we explore some frequently asked questions about our journey to sustainable farming practices.

What does sustainably sourcing mean?

Our suppliers need to follow the guidelines laid out in the code, which means adopting more sustainable practices on their farms. The code covers 11 aspects of sustainable agriculture, including soil quality, water usage and biodiversity. We check that farmers are complying with the code through self-assessment and verification.

How does Knorr support farmers?

In 2011 we set up the Knorr Partnership Fund, which invests €1 million every year in co-funded projects with suppliers for their farmers. This investment helps them meet, or go beyond, the requirements of our Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code.

So far we have funded over 70 projects.

How do I know if a Knorr product contains sustainably grown ingredients?

Look out for our Knorr Sustainability Partnership logo on products that contain these ingredients. This logo means ingredients in that pack have been grown by farmers and suppliers who have met the strict standards of our Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code.

What is a Knorr Landmark farm?

We reward the farms that demonstrate the best standards in sustainable sourcing Knorr Landmark Farm status. These farms have reached all the requirements of our code and exemplify the gold standard we want others to aim for. The farmers are passionate about sustainability and open their doors to share fascinating insights into everyday life on their farms.

Since 2011, we have awarded over 30 farms globally with Landmark Farm status.

Is it the same as organic?

While some people like to choose organic products, particularly from our organic product ranges, we believe organic production alone cannot tackle some important food sustainability issues, like the social impacts of farming or increased land use and deforestation at a global level. This is why we developed the Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code and its 11 indicators.

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