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On The Go Meals That Pack A Punch

On The Go Meals That Pack A Punch

On those days when you have to dash out the house, the last thing you need pumping your brakes is having to figure out a flavourful meal to sustain and satiate you throughout your busy day. Well, to avoid the stress of getting slowed down by the need for a tasty tummy filler but a lack of time to cook, get your meal prep prowess into gear because we have 3 easy on the go meals that are super tasty and satisfying.

We’ve selected 3 delicious, easy-to-make meals that make the most of your dinner leftovers. Because we know you’re short on time, these recipes are so quick to make - 25 minutes or less, so that you can enjoy a tasty meal without spending hours in the kitchen.

What's a Good Meal For On the Go?

A good on-the-go meal does not get in the way of you executing all your to-do’s in the day. It should be quick and easy to make and packed with flavour, but light enough so as not to leave you feeling sluggish after your scrumptious meal.

Give these quick and easy on-the-go meals a try and become the lunchtime envy of all your colleagues.

On The Go Meal Ideas

Pulled Chicken Wraps

Coming in at an impressive 10-minute prep time, these pulled chicken wraps are a quick bite of indulgence for when you’re on the go. Transforming your leftover chicken into a tantalising meal for on the go, simply shred your chicken and combine it with celery, carrots and the creamy goodness of your Hellmann’s mayonnaise and barbeque sauce mix. Season and spoon the mixture into tortilla wraps, top with cheese and lettuce, wrap it up and you’re all set with a mouth-watering meal, perfect for on the go.

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Leftover Sandwich

We know you must be thinking this is just another boring sandwich, but this light, leftover roast beef sandwich will delight with its deliciousness. This is a sandwich that will hit the spot, layered onto wholesome whole grain bread, you’ll have tomato, red onion, gherkins, cheese and the star of your sandwich, leftover roast beef slices. Slap on a slather of Hellmann’s rich, creamy mayo on both slices of bread to get a crispy, gorgeously golden crust on your toastie.

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Chargrilled Steak & Vibrant Salad

This vibrant salad, while simple to make, packs exquisite flavour. The real hero that sets this salad off is the legendary flavour of Robertsons Barbecue Spice. With Robertsons in the mix, you know this will be a salad to delight the senses. With its sweet, zingy twist of peach slices and a herbaceous helping of leafy greens, all coupled with succulent slices of sirloin steak, our steak salad will give you a taste of summer, while you’re on the go.

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Thinking of great on-the-go meals shouldn’t drive you nuts. Try out our palate-pleasing on-the-go meal ideas to save on time with these tasty, quick meals that will satisfy you with their scrumptious flavour.

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