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Lunch Recipes for the Workplace

Lunch Recipes for the Workplace

Workplace Lunches

Feel like if you have another peanut butter sandwich for lunch, you might chuck it out the window? Say goodbye to dull, boring lunches and hello to lunch recipes that will have your colleagues drooling at the mouth.

Our healthy lunch recipes are delicious and can be made the night before, to avoid the morning rush. Or simply make the dish for a family dinner and make sure there is enough leftover to take to work the next day. Everyone loves a light lunch, and these light lunch recipes are perfect to take with you to work and heat up - they travel well and are still tasty the next day.

What is an Easy Light Lunch Recipe?

An easy, light lunch has to be just that, easy to prepare and healthy to eat. A salad is an easy lunch to prepare and is always healthy. Check out our range of healthy and varied salad ideas for inspiration now.

Sometimes though, you want something a little bit more substantial to take to work, and to keep you going - especially during that late afternoon slump. Here are a few light lunch recipes that are sure to keep your tummy full.

Healthy Lunch - Light Recipes for Lunch

Braai Toasties

These little gems can be done on the braai and will keep beautifully if wrapped up well, to take to work the next day. You can also make these toasties under the grill. You can’t go wrong with cheese, tomato, mayo and Robertson’s Braai & Grill All-in-One Spice. You can actually add any filling you want too, like ham, bacon, feta or boerewors.

View the full Braai Toasties recipe now.

Mexican Mince Tacos

Tacos are always a great idea, and this recipe is one of our favourite easy lunch ideas. If you want to take the tacos to work, we suggest keeping the fillings separate from the taco shells themselves to avoid them getting soggy during the day.

View the full Mexican Mince Tacos recipe now.

Carrot and Pesto Lasagne

For a different, healthy twist on the traditional beef lasagne, try this light lunch idea. You can make it the night before and take a portion to work the next day. You can also freeze a few portions and take it to work over a few weeks. Couple it with a healthy green salad or coleslaw and you have a winning work lunch to keep you going all day.

View the full Carrot and Pesto Lasagne recipe now. For more light lunch ideas and other healthy recipes, visit whatsfordinnner today.

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