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Grow Your Own Leafy Greens At Home

Grow Your Own Leafy Greens At Home

Having a small vegetable garden at home can be so convenient when you’re planning what to cook for dinner for your family. Not only will you have fresh, nutritious ingredients that you have cultivated yourself on hand, but you’ll also save money in the long run. These delicious leaves don’t need much space to grow, so you can cultivate them in large pots at home, and get your little ones involved in the process of growing and picking their own fresh produce.

Here are some leafy greens that are simple to grow at home.

Spinach grows so easily and effortlessly. You can grow it in any container that’s at least 15 cm deep and 30 cm wide. Spinach likes a lot of sunlight but not so much that it burns the leaves. So, plant it in semi-sun or an area which receives sun for about 4-5 hrs a day.

Iceberg Lettuce
Iceberg lettuces need cool weather to grow, so try not to plant them in harsh summer conditions. They also need ample sunlight and good watering. It is a good idea first to grow the seedlings indoors under partial sunlight and then - once the first 3-4 leaves appear - plant them in an outdoor container, spaced well apart so they have ample room to grow.

This herb is easy to grow and very versatile in a number of dishes. Scatter the seeds into a container filled with potting mix, cover with a thin layer of the mix, water well and place in a warm position. Keep the soil damp until the seeds have germinated, and then water regularly.

Leaf Amaranth
Leaf amaranth is very similar to spinach in the way it is grown, only that unlike spinach it resists medium to harsh sunlight. The leaves are used just like spinach and can be used in Chinese cuisine for stir-fries and soups. In Indian cooking, it is used for many dishes, with the tangy leaves adding great flavour and colour.

Spruce up your salads with some peppery flavour. Rocket is a fast-growing leaf that will produce an abundant harvest in about 6 – 7 weeks. Easy to grow in large pots, or in the back garden, rocket has a fresh, mustardy flavour that adds punch to a variety of meals.

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