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Give Your Kids Wings

Give Your Kids Wings

Anyone who tells you that chicken wings are a waste of time is a blatant liar! Chicken wings are one of the best, most delicious summer snacks you can make for a hungry young human, especially if you make them in abundance. They take to flavour immediately as they sizzle on the braai, and for extra flavour you can even drizzle a little bit of salad dressing over them or make a dip.

Barbe-Who? Barbeque!

Barbeque Chicken Wings must be one of the greatest dishes to have ever been invented. From the crunchy tips of the wings, to the tender meat between the bones, they’re an astounding opportunity kids to get messy and get lost in the flavour and fun of every wing. Eaten in front of the TV or out on the lawn, they’re always a good choice.

A Taste Of Adventure

To test your child’s palate, think about these Sticky Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dip. Something different from the norm, these wings really bring young taste buds to life with their unique blue cheese flavour. The dip may not suit your young eater, and if that happens, don’t worry – you can substitute it for something else and the wings will be just as delicious. Something simple like pink sauce will still prove that these wings are unbeatable.

Go For A Dip

All wings need dip. That is one truth nobody can ignore. Even if you like to enjoy only the flavour of your unique basting sauce, having something additional to break the flavour from time to time is always a pleasure. You peel the soft tender meat from the bone, dip it deep into your pot of extra flavour, and suddenly you have an entirely new chicken wing experience in your sticky fingertips.

Precisely why we perfected Chicken Wing Dip, in the first place. The next time you make wings, test it out on your family and let us know what you think.

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