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Everything You Need To Know About: Pumpkin Leaves

Everything You Need To Know About: Pumpkin Leaves

Pumpkin is a classic but we’re here to introduce pumpkin leaves, one of our exciting Future 50 Foods! Learn about the origin of this unconventional vegetable, how it can be prepared and all about the nutritional value they contain.

Pumpkin leaves are eaten as a vegetable in Korea, Mexico and Africa. A childhood favourite for most, pumpkin leaves have come to dominate market stalls all over the country. While pumpkin leaves are now sometimes shunned or overlooked by locals, they are favoured by many refugees from Northern and Central African countries. Pumpkin leaves, along with many other green leaf vegetables, can be found at taxi ranks, interchange train stations and on many corners dotted about the city.

Other Names:
Pumpkin leaves are called many local names in local languages including; mekopu, lephotshe, mphodi, motshatsha, mophotse, pampoenblare, ibobola, cetshana, izintanga, umliba, phuri, thanga, tinwembe and muboora.

Nutritional Value:
Pumpkin leaves contain almost 5 times the iron and almost 20 times the amount of vitamin A than common cabbage.

As one of our Future 50 Foods, you can trust that pumpkin leaves are good for you and better for the planet.

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