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Everything You Need To Know About: Cowpeas

Everything You Need To Know About: Cowpeas

Cowpeas are one of our goodness-filled Future 50 Foods. Learn all about where they originated, the nutritional value they contain and the sustainability of their cultivation.

Cultivation of cowpeas is believed to have originated in the West African regions of Niger and Nigeria. Two thirds of all the world’s cowpeas are still produced there today.

Other Names:
Cowpeas are also known by a myriad of local names, such as: dinawa, dinaba, munawa, imbumba, isihlumanya, indumba, akkerboontjie, koertjie and black eyed beans.

Cowpeas thrive in dry conditions, making them an important staple crop for drought-prone and economically stricken areas in Africa. Locally, cowpeas are produced in Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West and KwaZulu-Natal provinces. They are generally regarded as the second most important legume in Africa.

Nutritional Value:
Cowpeas are naturally gluten-free and Low GI foods. They are packed with immune-boosting protein, iron and zinc. With a serving size of just half a cup, cowpeas provide up to a third of your daily requirements for magnesium, manganese and phosphorous – all of which can improve your bone health.

As one of our Future 50 Foods, you can trust that cowpeas are good for you and better for the planet.

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