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Easy and Healthy Summer Recipes

Easy and Healthy Summer Recipes

When it’s hot outside, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen trying to put together a dinner that’s not only delicious but nutritious too. And with the summer heat, most people will likely want to eat healthy meals that are light and fresh but still satisfying, to complement the heat. With busy schedules adding to the heat, finding the time and the perfect dish to make for your family can feel like mission impossible.

Fortunately, at What’s For Dinner, we’ve got some delicious healthy meal inspiration for you that won’t compromise on flavour but offers all the convenience. So if you’re in need of a little inspiration to help you make some satisfying, summer-friendly, flavourful and healthy dishes without too much hassle, hop in the kitchen and give these easy healthy recipes a try. These delectable healthy recipes make beating the summer heat with sensational meals, simple.

Healthy Summer Meals to Munch On

When warmer weather comes around, everyone knows it’s the perfect time for planning fun family picnics and pool parties with light and flavourful finger foods to dig into while you soak up some sun. In Mzansi though, we know that there’s no better weather to have a tasty braai than when it’s hot outside. And one of the great things about braaiing aside from the amazing flavours is that it’s a healthier way to cook as it doesn’t require the oils and fats other methods sometimes demand.

So all you need is a sizzling flame to create sensational meals. But when it comes to finding a healthy recipe for summer, you don’t have to limit yourself to the braai. As long as your summer spread is light, flavourful, and has fresh elements and good-for-you ingredients, you’re good to go. So here are 4 simple healthy recipes for you to tuck into this summer.

Beat the Heat with These Healthy Meals

Glazed Snoek on the Braai When it comes to healthy summer cookout recipes, this glazed snoek recipe is one you’ll want to highlight in your cookbook. The delicious, sweet and sticky glaze makes the snoek sing with flavour, and the sear from the braai grill adds a delightful smokiness for a scrumptious dish. Serve this smoky braai fish with this Grilled Vegetable Couscous Bowl as the side for a satisfying, crowd-pleasing summer dish.

Ginger, Chilli & Garlic Barbecue Chicken Rice Paper Rolls They may look small, but these rice paper rolls pack a super tasty, spicy punch. This simple healthy recipe is sure to satisfy with its good-for-you mix of carrots, cabbage and cucumber combined with roast chicken pieces, to give you robust flavour that’s full of nutrition. Try this recipe for a spicy summer snack that will impress any guests or have it with a piece of grilled chicken for a healthy, wholesome dinner option.

Spicy Bean and Feta ‘’Crunch-Wraps you want some crunch in your summer lunch or you’re looking for a fun healthy summer dinner recipe, this tasty veggie wrap is perfect for the task. Super easy to make and packed with perfectly spiced, nutritious veggies, try this mouth-watering wrap for a meatless meal the whole family will love. Serve it with a crunchy slaw or salsa for the perfect side.

Sticky Chicken Wings Let's face it, chicken wings are always a winner! So try this finger-licking sticky wings recipe with these sensational Grilled Orange Sweet Potato Halves and watch how quickly it becomes a family favourite. Quick, easy to make, and super tasty - try this recipe for the perfect healthy summer meal. With these recipes, get the inspiration you need to make healthy summer dishes with incredible flavours that are guaranteed to please everybody’s palates. For scrumptious, healthy summer recipe ideas that go beyond your usual salad, visit What’s For Dinner today!

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