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Desserts to Make Using Robertson's Spices

Desserts to Make Using Robertson's Spices

Spices and seasonings are not ingredients you would immediately think of when you imagine a dessert recipe. But, did you know that spices can make tasty, deeply flavourful desserts too?

Most people think that Robertson's seasoning is just for making savoury dishes, but some can be used to make sweet dessert dishes that will impress your friends and family alike.
Here is how to use Robertson’s spices to make delicious desserts including our four favourite Robertson’s spices dessert recipes. All we can say is, enjoy!

How to Use Robertson's For Desserts

Thanks to the wide array of dessert spices and blends on offer and the fact that spices pair beautifully with sweet ingredients, there are plenty of mouth-watering treats that can be created using Robertson’s spices as the hero. From cinnamon to nutmeg, Robertson’s dessert spice blends are the perfect way to add depth of flavour and rich, aromatic spice to a warm or cold dessert.
We’ve chosen four of our favourite recipes using Robertson’s spices that can be served all year round. Your guests will love them and your family will ask you to make them time and time again.

Great Robertson's Dessert Ideas

What makes a great dessert? Well, at What’s For Dinner, we think a great dessert can be created in a few easy steps and one that will appeal to a range of different tastebuds and preferences.
Not only are there health benefits to including Robertson’s spices like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg in your baking, but these spices bring a fragrant sweetness to these desserts that are utterly to die for.

Cinnamon Pavlova

This meringue dessert has a pillowy centre and a crispy crust topped with nutty praline cream, sweet figs and honey.
Read the full Cinnamon Pavlova recipe now.


Souskluitjies are otherwise known as old-fashioned cinnamon dumplings! Whip up this traditional South African dessert with Robertson’s cinnamon, vanilla essence, cloves and milk for a deliciously sweet and sticky treat.
Read the full Souskluitjies recipe now.

Chocolate & Spicy Pear Malva Pudding

Malva Pudding is a South African classic, but in this recipe, we’ve given the traditional an unexpected chocolate and pear twist. Robertson’s mixed spice brings an aromatic, musky sweetness to the pears and it is best served with warm custard.
Read the full Chocolate & Spicy Pear Malva Pudding recipe now.

Delicious Deep Fried Spiced Banana

Crispy banana fritters with flavourful hints of Robertson’s Nutmeg make the perfect dessert, and they’re simple and easy to prepare. Serve with scoops of vanilla ice cream to satisfy any sweet tooth!
Read the full Delicious Deep Fried Spiced Banana recipe now.

What Occasions Can I Make Robertson's Desserts

Honestly, we don’t think you need an occasion to make yourself a warming, filling, beautiful Robertson’s dessert. It can be made for one or shared amongst friends and family – either way, these recipes are going to bring joy to your life. These recipe ideas will go beautifully as a dessert with friends on a warm summer’s evening after a braai or you can rustle up a sweet treat for a romantic dinner for two – just don’t forget the champagne!

Why You Should Make Desserts Using Robertson's?

Robertson’s has been making spices and blends for nearly 100 years. Not only are their spice blends and seasonings made from the highest quality ingredients, but they are also sustainably farmed too. Robertson’s strives to make all of its products GMO-free, non-irradiated and with no added MSG. Visit What’s For Dinner today for more mouth-watering meal inspiration.

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