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Delicious Vegan Spring Recipes

Delicious Vegan Spring Recipes

Delicious Vegan Spring Recipes

Everything tastes better in the spring sunshine, especially these healthy vegan delights! To help you make the most of fresh, seasonal ingredients such as young leafy greens, herbs, radishes, tomatoes, beetroot, baby potatoes, green beans – we’ve hand-picked four light, easy vegan recipes guaranteed to pack more nutrients into your spring menus.

Crunchy Rainbow Salad with Red Cabbage, Soy Beans and Edamame Beans

Craving a wholesome bowl filled with goodness? This super-nutritious rainbow bowl features an array of seasonal veggies including carrots, cucumbers and radishes. Enjoy on its own as a light lunch, or serve with crispy pan-fried tofu for a full vegan dinner.

Vegan Chilli with Beans, Chickpeas and Lentils

This warm, comforting chilli ‘con carne’ makes the ultimate family meal. For a filling yet simple dish, try this excellent meat-free chilli con carne made with Knorr Savoury mince Dry Cook-In Sauce and Knorr Vegetable Stockpot.

Tomato, Basil and Celery Popsicles

Scorching temperatures call for a refreshing treat. These non-alcoholic Bloody Mary lollies made with Knorr Roasted Tomato & Basil Soup, and fresh basil scream fun in the sun. Plus, they’re packed with loads of antioxidants thanks to the tomato juice.

Tofu and Vegetable Stir Fry

For a vegan stir-fry packed with flavour try this vegetable stir fry made with tofu, ginger, garlic and soy sauce. Serve your stir fry by itself or with starch of your choice.

More nutritious, sustainable and delicious KNORR recipes are just a click away.

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