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Curry 101: How To Use Curry Powder In Your Cooking

Curry 101: How To Use Curry Powder In Your Cooking

Curry is more than just food, it’s a feeling. It’s warm, spicy, full of flavour, aromatic and enough to make your mouth water. One spoonful is all it takes to bring your tastebuds on the ultimate taste journey and awaken your senses.

Curry powder is a unique and delicious blend of spices that are known for adding flavour to any dish, not necessarily curries only. It can be used to flavour stews, as a marinade, for burgers and more, there’s so much that you can do with curry powder.

If you’re wanting to learn how to use curry powder in your cooking, you’ve come to the right place. Our handy guide on how to use curry powder in your meals will allow you to equip the necessary skills to become a curry powder pro and make any dish explode with flavour. From chicken curry recipes to lentil soup recipes, we've got you covered with plenty of delicious ideas.

What Makes Curry Powder So Special?

Only the finest herbs and spices are expertly blended together to give you a firm family household favourite; curry powder. This special blend of spices is carefully mixed to give your meals the perfect balance of both heat and flavour. Rajah’s range of curry powders are made with natural ingredients such as turmeric, coriander, garlic, cumin, and ginger. This is what sets our curry powders apart; it adds an unmistakeable, spicy flavour that adds that signature kick of heat to your everyday meals.

Another reason why curry powder is so special is because it blends beautifully into any dish. Its versatility makes its completely useable in anything from marinades and curries to stews and burgers. If you want to elevate your weekday meals, traditional feasts, or dinners; throw in a couple teaspoons of curry powder and your meals will be as good as gold.

How to Cook with Curry Powder

Once you learn that curry powder is not just for curries, but rather an all-purpose seasoning, learning how to use curry powder will be a breeze. There is a trick to cooking with curry powder; it all depends on the meal you’re cooking. Ideally, on a low to medium heat, you should sizzle your spices in a pot with oil and fry your spices. This unleashes the flavour and fills the air with an amazing aroma. The key is not to burn your spice.

Different Dishes That Go Well with Curry Powder:

Get ready to explore a world full of delicious flavour with an irresistible aroma. We’ve gathered up some dishes that go very well with curry powder as the main seasoning. Take your meals to a whole new level with curry powder.

With Stews and Meaty Meals

Curry powders give stews an intense flavour you'll. Give these recipes a try:

Chicken and cabbage go together like ice cream and sprinkles. Give this tasty stew recipe some bold flavours with Rajah Mild & Spicy curry powder

Beef stew - This deliciously rich, yummy and hearty stew recipe is loaded with tender chunks of beef and nutritious veggies. A kick of heat is added with none other than Rajah’s medium curry powder. Serve with brown rice, millet, or quinoa for extra goodness.

In Soups and Savoury Rice Dishes

Soups are good for the colder days, but when you’re feeling for something hearty, soup is food for the soul. Check out Rajah curry powder being used in this soup and savoury rice dish.

When the cold is near, soup is too. Save this recipe for a cold winter’s day and warm up your body with this hearty warm winter bone soup recipe. Made with a variety of chunky vegetables and meaty beef bones, Rajah Mild curry powder is the cherry on top of this recipe.

Jollof rice is a fiery one-pot dish that is popular all over West Africa. This version calls for prawns and Rajah All-In-One curry powder, to make a truly delicious dish perfect for special occasions.

Why Every Kitchen Needs to Have Curry Powder!?

Every kitchen needs to have curry powder just as much as any kitchen needs to have salt and pepper. It’s an essential seasoning ingredient that adds intense and fiery flavour to any dish you make. Curry powder deserves a spot in your spice rack. In many ways, curry powder is like an all-rounder spice that has many uses and is often the secret ingredient to tasty meals. Learn how to cook with curry powder by searching What’s for Dinner and make something incredible.

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