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Creative Festive Season Feasts

Creative Festive Season Feasts

The festive season is nearly upon us! Our favourite time of the year is when family and friends come together to eat, laugh and be merry, although one thing we have no control over are our guests’ eating preferences. Don’t fret – we have this covered with our great approach to keeping things creative, inclusive and versatile. We like to call it Add, Swap and Create.

This clever approach to cooking allows you to have an option for every palate and preference, and to add more nourishment to your meals. Have a look below for tips about how you can cater to many different tastes during your festive feasts!

What to serve with a Christmas Roast?

A beautiful, burnished roast piping hot from the oven is often the centrepiece of a festive feast. Whether you’ve chosen turkey, beef, lamb, pork or chicken for your roast, there are so many options for delicious accompaniments that go way beyond traditional roast potatoes and gravy. And if you’re expecting vegetarian guests, the four side dishes below are sure to bring smiles to their faces.

Crispy Christmas tree potatoes

Potato skins contain significant nutrients, so no need to peel your spuds! In this healthier take on ‘roasties’, baby potatoes are skewered with fresh rosemary and roasted with just a little oil until crispy and golden.

Low-carb side dishes

For carb-conscious guests, swap out those roast potatoes for veggies low in carbohydrates. How about a bright, beautiful Seven-Colour Coleslaw to go with your roast? Packed with red and green cabbage, carrots, snap peas, beetroot, yellow peppers and onion, this versatile salad can be ‘upgraded’ to a more substantial dish by adding bacon, feta cheese, nuts and seeds.

A medley of vegetables

Are you entertaining anyone who is trying to avoid meat? Not a problem! This recipe will absolutely tickle their taste buds. With roasted vegetables, sweet dates, crunchy pecan nuts and tangy feta cheese, this festive medley pairs beautifully with all kinds of roasts – and it’s so easy to prepare.

Perfect peppers!

An inspired side dish for a roast, our Quinoa Stuffed Peppers, Vegetables and Cheese are healthy, tasty, and filled with flavour!

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