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Cook a Hearty Bean Stew

Cook a Hearty Bean Stew

There’s no denying the homestyle cooking comfort of a good stew, and especially when it’s upgraded by the hearty, healthy, meaty addition of beans of any kind. But it can be an art, matching the bean to the stew – especially with beans coming in such a wide variety. No need to worry, though, because we’ve done the hard work for you and found three delicious stews that make use of a winning combination of bean-type and ingredients, all coming together in a mix of flavour and texture, to impress the bean stew best.

What Beans Are Good for Stew?

Bean stews can be a challenging cook. Any expert in the art of cooking beans will know that each has its own flavour, texture and dish enhancement potential. So, give these scrumptious stews a try – each with the trusty bean at the heart of the dish.

Sweet Potato and Sugar Bean Stew

As bean stew goes, this one certainly excites the tastebuds – smacking of that homecooked comfort and simplistic luxury. A fine combination of sugar beans and sweet potato make this one a super belly-filler, and the addition of savoury rice and coleslaw simply adds that extra joy to every mouthful.

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Hearty Vegetable and Bean Stew

The classic vegetable and bean stew. Here, joining the lovely, savoury sensation of the sugar bean, is the tasty tenderness and the vibrant colour of a host of your favourite veggies – think carrots, tomatoes and potatoes. For us, this one brings back fond memories of mom spooning the rich, brown contents of a steaming pot onto the waiting plates of family and friends.

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Beef and Butter Bean Stew

We can’t leave a rich, meaty option off of this list – it just wouldn’t be complete if we did. The classic of stews, this one’s often billed as the perfect weekend meal. Cubed cuts of tender beef short rib soak in golden brown swirls of gravy, among the plump butter beans, soft potato squares, and bright orange carrots that make up a perfect vegetable accompaniment. Then, add a cloud of fluffy rice, and you have a mouth-watering, wholesome, meaty meal that’ll fill both hearts and tummies.

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And there you have it – three of the most hearty, flavourful and truly mnandi beans in stew recipes. And to make it even better, enhance the flavour of each of these stews with Knorrox Beef Stock Cubes or Beef Soup, to add more thickness and rich meaty flavour. Cook with Knorrox love. It’s time to tuck in to homestyle cooking and taste, thanks to the beautiful bean, and Knorrox.

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