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Delicious Meals To Make Even During Loadshedding

Delicious Meals To Make Even During Loadshedding

Don’t let loadshedding leave your tummy growling in the dark. Read more on how you can turn your leftovers into an amazing blackout dinner experience.

It’s been a long day of getting things done, and all you have on your mind is that amazing meal you’re about to whip up as soon as you step into the kitchen. We’ve all had those days, right? Where the one thing you’re looking forward to is making a delicious meal and curling up on the couch to give you tastebuds the love they deserve. You get all your ingredients out, switch on the stove and… you’ve got no electricity!

With power cuts becoming a reality that we all have to put up with, it’s inevitable that we will have this experience at some point or another. Luckily for you, the promises you made to your tastebuds don’t have to go unfulfilled because of loadshedding. We’ve put together a collection of some of our finest recipes to turn your loadshedding disappointments into creative genius moments in the kitchen, using your leftovers.

The Perfect Salad In The Dark

Salads are an easy and convenient meal to whip up when you don’t have electricity. Using the leftovers in your fridge, you can turn a normal Greek Salad into a one of a kind taste adventure…no really, there aren’t any leftovers to have seconds so it really is one of a kind. Here are our top salads to try when you find yourself without electricity.

Sandwiches All Around

Sandwiches are filling and don’t require electricity to make. If you have bread and any leftovers, you’re able to whip up a delicious meal in minutes. Here are some of our top sandwiches to whip up that’ll give your peanut butter and jelly some serious envy in the event of a blackout.

Did Somebody Say Braai?

If you have a braai stand close by, loadshedding just gives you a great opportunity to get the coal and fire starters together for an impromptu braai. From chicken, to ribs and even prawns, there is very little that you can’t cook on a braai stand. Here are some of our top loadshedding recipes to get the heat going.

This idea also comes in handy when you have people over and an additional guest named Loadshedding joins the party. The possibilities are endless with a braai stand handy, especially as Spring comes around.

Leftovers no longer have to be the dreaded item staring back at you every time you open the fridge, but rather a quality ingredient for a delicious meal that’s usually accompanied by a story. A piece of chicken takes on a new life as a vital ingredient in a Smokey Chicken Salad with Asian Slaw, a Chicken Mayo Sandwich with a Twist, or part of the mix with a Tasty Pulled Chicken Wrap.

How To Prepare For Loadshedding?

Who would have guessed that ‘meal prep for loadshedding’ would ever be a thing, but here we are! With the loadshedding often being scheduled for specific time periods depending on the area you are in, we sometimes have an opportunity to plan ahead and be prepared. While a braai stand can double up as an old school cooking stove, if you find yourself without one don’t fret.

To prepare for loadshedding, make sure you have a few quality ingredients in your fridge that don’t require heat for cooking, such as cold meats, cheese, vegetables and even fruits to snack on. It’s also a great idea to have a loaf of bread on standby. Our secret weapon for loadshedding meals is the Hellmann’s Original Mayonnaise. Made with quality ingredients, this tasty mayo brings out the best in your leftovers and creates delicious meals you can actually enjoy.

Browse through our website for tasty meal options when you have a power cut, or when you’re all powered up. Conquer loadshedding hunger with our versatile and tasty menu options today!

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