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Aromat SA's all Purpose Savoury Seasoning

Aromat SA's all Purpose Savoury Seasoning

When your mutton curry is not monate, or your salad is lacking something, or your umfino pap is just not ncaa, there’s an all-purpose savoury seasoning you can always trust for unbelievable flavour – Aromat. Aromat is a versatile seasoning you can rely on to turn up the tastiness of any savoury dish. From roast veggies and sishebos to spykos and potato salad, if there’s a dish you want to add some unbelievable flavour to, reach for Aromat.
Read on to learn more about what this amazing all-purpose seasoning can do to add serious flavour to your meals.

Add Aromat for Unbelievable Flavour

With five amazing Aromat flavours to choose from – Original, Cheese, Chilli Beef, Peri-Peri and Naturally Tasty - you’ll never be short of ways to shake up your meal times with amazing taste. With a careful blend of the finest herbs and spices contained in every Aromat can, it’s no wonder that Aromat’s all-purpose seasoning has been delivering unbelievable flavour to Mzansi households since 1953.

Each flavour is so versatile so that whether it’s fish and chips or a vetkoek, you can always find the perfect seasoning to add great taste in the Aromat range. To help you with some recipe inspiration so that you can make iAromat shine, here are four of our favourite recipes using the unbelievable taste of Aromat to make sure your meals are always monate.

Butternut, Chilli and Cheese Muffins If you think savoury muffins can’t be mnandi, think again! These muffins are the real makoya when it comes to flavoursome healthy snacks. So try this butternut, chilli and cheese muffin recipe and add Aromat Cheese Seasoning for extra cheesiness, which will turn up the flavour for an unbelievably tasty snack.

Aromat Potato & Bacon Fritters Take ordinary potatoes to unbelievably mnandi status with this Aromat fritters recipe and get imini yakho started the right way with a wonderful meal. Once you try this bacon and fritters recipe with the amazing flavour of Aromat Original Seasoning, you’ll want to keep making it to add to your skhaftin. The great taste of Aromat Original makes the fritters sing with flavour for the perfect padkos.

Aromat Yoghurt Chicken Curry This is no ordinary chicken curry! This curry is transformed into super mnandi with a simple fa-fa of Aromat Peri-Peri Seasoning adding a mouth-watering, spicy taste. So if you like a bit of spice to make your food taste nice, try this recipe and take your curry from alright to ncaa.

Tasty Umfino Pap If you thought regular pap was good enough, you need to try this finger-licking good umfino pap recipe. With the flavours of Aromat Naturally Tasty Seasoning to transform your everyday pap into a side that will delight your tastebuds, you’re going to want this flavoursome umfino pap as a part of every meal.

With Aromat’s all-purpose seasoning range, making unbelievably tasty meals that everyone from umndeni to abangani bakho will love is easy. Just make sure that whenever you’re cooking, you have a can of Aromat Seasoning handy to add unbelievable flavour to every meal. Make sure you get the bigger 200g canister too to ensure you never run out of your favourite all-purpose seasoning!

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