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Shake Up Your Meals With Aromat

Aromat Spice & Seasoning Products

A Carnival for Your Tastebuds

Living your day-to-day routine can become a little boring. Eating the same meals cooked in the same way every week is rather mundane. It’s time you add spice back into your life. Shake it up with Aromat Seasoning. Aromat Seasoning brings the music to your food party, every single time.

Since 1953 when Aromat started, we’ve been making seasoning that the nation cannot get enough of. South African palates country-wide have demanded more and more of the delicious savoury sensation that only comes from Aromat Spice. Whatever meal you put on your table, we believe that Aromat can enhance the flavour. Whether you sprinkle Aromat Seasoning on top of your potato wedges, your mom’s boboti or on those delicious braai steaks, you are on a winning path. Create a carnival for your tastebuds in seconds.

Key Benefits

  • Transforms boring meals into masterpieces in seconds
  • 40% less sodium than table salt
  • Versatility at your fingertips

Our Products

Aromat Seasoning is made from the finest ingredients. We combine spices, herbs and flavouring to create a balanced taste profile that will impress everyone from your toddler to your grumpy aunt. Other main ingredients include maize flour, yeast extracts and vegetable oils. With Aromat Spice added into the mix food goes from grey to yay!

But What About Msg?

Many people think MSG (monosodium glutamate: a chemical compound used to enhance the flavour of food) is bad for their health.

This white substance is the sodium salt of L-glutamic acid, an amino acid that occurs naturally in food. Monosodium glutamate resembles salt or sugar and is tasteless when eaten solo. One of the benefits of adding monosodium glutamate to food is an extra burst of flavour.

Adding MSG as a replacement for salt allows us to produce Aromat Spice with 40% less sodium. Less sodium means we are developing a product that is better for your blood pressure and cardiovascular system as a whole. A dash of Aromat Seasoning therefore adds a hearty savoury flavour made of natural ingredients.

A Different Aromat Flavour Every Time

Aromat Seasoning is so easy and versatile that a 4-year-old can become a culinary professional just by adding a shake of Aromat Flavour. With Cheese, Chilli Beef, Peri-Peri, Original and Naturally Tasty flavours you can add a different spin on your meal every day.

There is nothing stopping you from creating interesting combinations with Aromat’s flavours to pull you out of your daily slog. Channel your inner chef tomorrow and see what unique tastes you can add to the table using Aromat Seasoning.

Our Range

Aromat Seasoning is produced in a 75g container and is also available in trio packs and sachets for your convenience. Aromat Seasoning comes in Cheese, Chilli Beef, Peri-Peri, Original and Naturally Tasty flavours.

The Aromat Brand

Aromat was introduced in 1953 as a ‘seasoning mix’. People experimented with the delicious savoury flavour and discovered that it basically tastes amazing on pretty much everything. Aromat Seasoning is produced both here in Mzansi and in Switzerland. It is marketed in Australia, Hong Kong and in parts of the Middle East. This just shows you that tastebuds right around the globe cannot get enough of Aromat.


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