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Roast Lamb Tacos

Roast Lamb Tacos

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Transform your leftover roast lamb into an entirely new taste experience with this zesty and zingin’ roast lamb taco recipe. With a magic combination of flavourful lamb, Knorr Mild Durban Curry Dry Cook-in-Sauce and crunchy taco shells – this meal will have you fired up for more. - Claire Winstanley



15 ml vegetable oil
1 onion, sliced
1 Knorr Mild Durban Curry Dry Cook-in-Sauce
250 ml water
180 ml orange juice
2 cups shredded leftover roast lamb
juice of 1 lime
1 tomato
1 quarter of a cucumber
2 jalapeño chilllies
salt and freshly ground black pepper
8 corn tortillas, toasted
2 avocados
a small handful of fresh coriander
4 limes, for serving

Preparation method

Heat the oil in a large pot and fry the onion until soft and golden browned.
Add the contents of the sachet of KNORR Mild Durban Curry Dry Cook-in-Sauce, the water and the orange juice, and stir well.
Add the shredded lamb to the pan and simmer for 5 - 10 minutes, until reduced and thickened. Add the juice of 1 lime and remove from the heat.
To make the salsa, finely chop the tomato, cucumber and chillies and mix well. Add a squeeze of lime juice and season to taste with salt and pepper.
Serve in toasted tortillas with the salsa plus mashed avocado, coriander, fresh limes and extra chillies.
Chef’s tip: you can use flour wraps instead of tortillas.


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