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Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger

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The best things come in fours. There are four seasons and there are four ingredients in our Fab Four Burger- chicken, lettuce, a soft bun and Hellmann's Mayonnaise.

Preparation time


1 large chicken breast fillets
2 eggs
100 grams cornflakes
100 grams breadcrumbs
30 grams butter
1 lettuce
2 tablespoons Hellmann's Original Mayonnaise
1 lime
2 buns
2 grams salt

Preparation method

Slice the chicken breast; and season with salt and pepper.
Take two barn-eggs and whisk them in a small bowl. Remember eggs taste all the better if they’re from chickens who have lived rich and fulfilling lives.
Use whatever is to hand to finely crush the cornflakes- the end of a rolling pin in a bowl or the head of a spoon on a chopping board both work well.
Coat both chicken slices in the egg, then roll in the cornflakes until you have a nice crispy layer all over. After that, roll in the breadcrumbs and give them a little pat to make sure your mix has adhered properly.
Heat the butter in a pan and then add your well-seasoned and perfectly-breaded chicken. Fry until golden brown on medium heat and you can stand the tantalising smell no longer.
Quickly mix the Hellmann's mayonnaise with the zest of lime and juice and spread the two bun halves for a scrumptiously zesty layer.
Finally, add a crisp leaf of lettuce to either side of your chicken and sandwich between your mayonnaise-covered bun halves.

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