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Turn Grilled Chicken Into iChicken Dust

Turn Grilled Chicken Into iChicken Dust

Chicken is and always will be a firm family favourite. It’s so easy to fill with mnandi flavour and that’s why it continues to bring umdeni wonke together. But sometimes it can start to feel like your chicken dinners are missing a bit of creativity or like ishoda ngeflavour. So instead of another Sunday dinner eating rice nechicken, why not spice things up with a kasi twist on the classic grilled chicken - ichicken dust.

iChicken dust is the perfect example of what the people mean when they say local is lekker. Giving all the best flavours of a smoky braai grill, ichicken dust is what you need to satisfy those weekday cravings for some kasi cuisine. So, if getting a taste of ekasi is your game, read on for our top tips to turn grilled chicken into ichicken dust.

What Is iChicken Dust?

iChicken dust is made by cooking chicken pieces over an open fire, braai-style. But what separates ichicken dust from your usual tshisa nyama chillas with the gang is the cooking times and the spice that makes it taste so nice.

How Do You Make Chicken Dust?

Getting the cooking time right for ichicken dust yakho is super important to help give it that signature kasi flavour. So when it comes to cooking your chicken pieces over that braai flame, the goal is to cook the chicken until it’s almost crispy in texture in order to achieve the most mnandi flavour.

How To Turn Braaied Chicken Into iChicken Dust

Some people think ichicken dust and braaied chicken iyafana and they get confused when people ask, ‘How to turn braaied chicken into chicken dust?’ The fact is that the people asking those questions are actually right because braaied chicken and ichicken dust azifani, the cooking times and seasonings are different. So, the next time you hear someone claiming their grilled chicken is ichicken dust, you’ll know that unless it’s cooked a little longer, it’s not the real makoya.

If you were hoping to find a chicken dust recipe, think again mchana because this kasi classic is so easy to make, it doesn’t need one.

After the cooking times, the next step to making ichicken dust emnandi is with the seasonings you select to help shake up the flavour. We know that because of that flame-grilled magic, the smoky flavour from the braai flames is there. But even ichicken dust can do with a bit of extra flavour to take it from just nice to kos that you can’t get enough of.

So to turn up the tastiness so that ichicken dust yakho has ‘that thing’, you need the help of some chicken dust spices or chicken dust seasoning.

How To Add Some Unbelievable Flavour To iChicken Dust

Trying to figure out what to use to faka iflavour into ichicken dust is where a lot of people get confused. But don’t stress because we’re clearing up the confusion with a simple solution that adds unbelievable flavour to your meals. Transform ichicken dust yakho when you fa-fa some extraordinary flavour to your dish with any of the seasonings in the Aromat range.

If you’re feeling spicy, turn up the heat by seasoning ichicken dust with Aromat Peri Peri. Or if you want to beef up the flavour of ichicken dust, fa-fa some of the Aromat Chilli Beef for a taste so good it will lift your mood. And in case unenerves because you’re worried you might run out of your favourite seasoning, worry no more because Aromat is available in 200g canisters and refill packs. So you’ll never have to go without the #unbelievableflavour.

The truth is #AromatNeGawulo should never be apart. So for guaranteed deliciousness, always fa-fa some delicious flavour with Aromat and transform ordinary dishes into extraordinary, flavour-packed meals.

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