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The One Seasoning You Need In Your Pantry

The One Seasoning You Need In Your Pantry

If you love cooking just as much as the next person, you’ll know that it all boils down to seasonings and the role they play in making your meals taste incredible. Herbs and spices are kitchen essentials and pantry staples; you cannot make tasty meals without adding some #unbelieveableflavour. When you have a specific meal in mind, you know that there’s that one herb or spice that is crucial to nailing that recipe on the head. Specific tastes are created from the types of seasonings and ingredients you cook with.

Cooking can be a hassle, especially if you’re just starting out. Learning how to cook will have you throwing all types of herbs and spices in trying to figure out what works. In these instances, you need an all-in-one seasoning to bring you all the flava for less. With our guide on versatile seasonings, you'll never have to worry about what herb or spice to use again. We will teach you how to make delicious meals with the most versatile seasoning you'll ever need!

What is the Most Versatile Seasoning?

Aromat doesn’t play by the rules and likes to feature in every dish to just how tasty it can really be. With over 5 different types of Aromat seasonings, there’s a flavour for every moment. From Aromat Peri-Peri, Aromat Cheese, and Aromat Chilli Beef to Aromat Original and Aromat Naturally Tasty, pick your favourite all-in-one seasoning for your meals.

Why Aromat is the Seasoning for All seasons

Aromat is so versatile that even a child could teach you something about flavour by sprinkling in some Aromat. No matter the season, no matter the meal, Aromat is the best all-in-one seasoning you’ll ever need. From Christmas lunches and midweek meals to family dinners and quick lunches, Aromat adds #unbelievableflavour and a unique, memorable taste. You don’t need to be an experienced chef to cook with Aromat, it does all the work for you so that you can sit down and enjoy a delicious meal.

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Aromat Chilli Beef Wors Rolls

Boerie rolls will forever have a spot on our list of go-to foods on the move. We all know that wors rolls are topped with caramelized onions, but these have a twist, Aromat Chilli Beef seasoning turns this into the tastiest onion topping ever. Give this recipe a go and enjoy the flavours that come with this quick meal.

Aromat Chakalaka with Sunrise Eggs

Rise and shine, it’s time for sunny side up eggs and chakalaka! This hearty Aromat Chakalaka with Sunrise eggs recipe is perfect for those that like a little bit more substance to their breakfast. Aromat Original all-in-one seasoning takes South Africa’s beloved chakalaka to a new height.

Aromat Double Cheese Slaw Beef Burger

If you’re going to have a burger, you have to do it right. Perfect for a Friday night meal or for a Saturday lunch, burgers are always a yes. This Aromat Double Cheese Slaw beef burger is made with the freshest and simplest ingredients. The coleslaw adds crunch, tanginess, and colour, while Aromat Chilli Beef adds some meatiness to the burger.

If this didn’t convince you that Aromat deserves a spot in your pantry, only the taste of Aromat can make you believe it. Say goodbye to boring seasonings and hello to the best all-in-one seasoning you’ll ever need. For more #unbelievablytasty meals and recipes, head over to What’s for Dinner and get inspired!

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