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Desserts That Everyone Can Make

Desserts That Everyone Can Make

South African Desserts That Everyone Can Make

A guilty pleasure, pudding, or simply a sweet treat, whatever you call it, desserts are a longstanding must-have as part of any dinner-time menu. The most delectable kinds though, are often the ones that ring in notes of nostalgia with their pleasing flavour profiles and sweet decadence, that evoke childhood memories of the scents and sensations that would ooze out of the kitchen, causing a bit of kitchen chaos as you try and lick the bowl.

There’s nothing quite like desserts the way your mom or great gran made them. At What’s For Dinner, we have three simple yet delightful South African desserts that will fit the bill, with mouth-watering aromas and indulgent flavours. Give mom a break in the kitchen and give these simple South African desserts a try for a sweet treat the whole family will love.

South African Dessert Recipes

Malva Pudding

Our list begins with a truly South African dessert classic, the delectable Malva pudding. With the melt-in-your-mouth decadence of its caramelised, moist sponge, Malva pudding is a staple when it comes to local sweet and sticky treats.

Prepared with the most humble of ingredients - apricot jam, Robertson’s , and a dash of vinegar, this Malva pudding recipe pays homage to all the dessert kings and queens that have ventured before you.

With a recipe this simple, you will master the Malva in no time. Serve it with a warm swirl of creamy custard and get transported back in time to the unforgettable, glorious flavours of malva pudding, just like your mom made it.

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Sweet scents of vanilla, cinnamon and cloves make these delightful dumplings sure to stir up sweet childhood memories. Souskluitjies, more commonly known as cinnamon dumplings, are fluffy, flavoursome bites of comfort food.
Delicately poached to come together in a light, airy dough, and then served with a dusting of cinnamon sugar and a warm drizzle of sweet, sticky syrup. Try your hand at making this satisfying yet simple, tantalising treat and warm yourself up with the nostalgic goodness of this traditional South African dessert.

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Amagwinya (Vetkoek) With Caramel Glaze Coconut & Cinnamon Dust

Amagwinya, vetkoek, whatever name floats your confectionery boat, no list of authentic South African desserts would be complete without a feature from the ever-popular amagwinya. Crispy cases, envelope pillowy clouds of dough, perfect for any occasion.
We’ve selected a vetkoek recipe with a caramel sauce twist, for those with an extra sweet tooth, and cinnamon dust to toss your amagwinya in, for a hint of warm earthy flavour that will leave everyone salivating. Give these amagwinya a try and add a signature flare with a caramel glaze, cinnamon dust or both!

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There you have it, three authentic South African dessert recipes that are sure to launch your taste buds into a world of nostalgic euphoria. Give these recipes a try and once perfected, get creative and add your twist to these South African favourites.

For more South African dessert recipes, visit whatsfordinner today.

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