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Simple Tips For Healthy Eating

Simple Tips For Healthy Eating

Getting a healthy lifestyle going is often difficult especially since many people are sticklers for routine. Luckily, there are a few subtle yet rewarding ways to introduce healthy eating habits into your lifestyle. Here are some small, achievable changes you can make, starting today!

1. Slow down
It’s easier to maintain a healthy body weight by controlling the pace at which you eat. Your appetite is controlled by your hormones, which signal your brain whether you’re hungry or full. So, by eating more slowly you give your brain the time it needs to receive the message that you are full.

2. Choose whole-grain bread
Whole grains are a good source of fibre, B vitamins, iron, magnesium and zinc. These help reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, which makes whole-grain bread the better choice over refined bread.

3. Shop with a list
Making a shopping list before heading to the grocery shop prevents you from buying anything impulsively. Not only will you buy healthier items, but you will also save money.

4. Eat your eggs
Eggs are rich in high-quality protein with essential nutrients that have many health benefits. Eating eggs in the morning increases your feeling of fullness and can therefore be helpful in preventing cravings for snacks.

5. Up your protein
Aim to add some protein to each meal and snack. This will keep you fuller for longer and will curb cravings, therefore preventing you from overeating. Good sources of protein include dairy products, nuts, peanut butter, eggs, beans and lean meat.

6. Drink enough water
Drinking water can help with weight loss and weight maintenance. By replacing sugary beverages with water, you can reduce your calorie intake.

7. Bake it, grill it or roast it
Changing the way you prepare your food can benefit your health. Cooking methods such as baking, simmering, slow cooking and poaching are all healthier alternatives to frying.

8. Stay away from “diet” foods
Diet foods can be quite deceiving. They can sometimes contain more sugar and more calories than their full-fat counterparts in order to compensate for the loss of flavour and texture.

9. Snack on popcorn
Popcorn is loaded with nutrients and fibre as it is a whole grain, making it the perfect snack replacement for potato chips. However, this is only true for popcorn that you make at home. Pre-packaged or microwave popcorn can contain extra sugar, salt and fat, making it no healthier than potato chips.

10. Healthy oils
Swapping sunflower or canola oils for healthier alternatives such as extra- virgin olive oil or avocado oil will help keep your heart health in peak condition.

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