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Making Meatless Food Taste Meaty

Making Meatless Food Taste Meaty

Eating more meatless meals is a movement that has gained popularity over the last few years. It encourages people to cook and eat in a way that is both environmentally friendly and healthier. Meat-free does not mean sacrificing taste - vegetarian dishes can be incredibly delicious when you know a few tricks that add delightful savoury notes to the recipe.

If you’d like to join the movement, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of ingredients that will give your meals a meaty taste. Vegetarian recipes should not be bland and there is so much you can do to make your vegetarian food taste rich, hearty, and delicious.

Four Ingredients To Beef Up Your Vegetarian Recipes

We compiled a list of four ingredients that can beef up your vegetarian meal. They all start with “s”, which makes it easy to remember.

1. Stock cubes

2. Soya mince

3. Seasoning

4. Soy sauce

Use Stock Cubes

Stock cubes may be small, but they add flavour that goes beyond their size. If you are making soup, add a Knorrox stock cube for a meaty, full-bodied flavour that is completely vegetarian.

See for yourself when you cook this Hearty Vegetable and Bean Stew using two Knorrox Beef Stock Cubes. You can serve this stew on rice, couscous or potato mash for a vegetarian meal that will have your family members licking their fingers!

Stock cubes also add a rich taste and colour to pap. On the days you want to spice up your pap add a stock cube to your pot before adding the maize meal.

Give Soya Mince A Try

Knorrox has a variety of flavoured soya mince to cater for your taste preferences. Available in a 100g, 200g and 400g box, variants include Beef & Onion, Chicken, Chilli Beef, Curry, Mutton, Savoury and Oxtail, Tomato & Onion flavours. Not only is soya mince rich in flavour, with a meaty taste and texture, but it is also high in protein and 100% vegetarian. Let’s also not forget to mention that soya mince is highly cost-effective and that is why it’s ideal for end-of-the-month meals.

Additionally, soya mince is very easy to cook; all you need is water. To see how simple it is, try out this recipe for Spicy Soya Mince with Samp Beans. You can even pair your favourite soya mince flavour with pap.

Don’t Forget To Add Seasoning

When we cook meat, we always add seasoning. It plays a central role in bringing out the mouth-watering taste of the meat. So, we shouldn’t forget to add seasoning to our meat-free meals too. Seasoning does wonders for a wide range of dishes that don't include meat. The right seasoning can liven up a butternut curry, cheesy pasta and add saltiness to tomato soup.

For those days when you crave a rich meaty taste with your vegetables or gravy, add our Knorrox Chicken Spice to transform your meal. This spice is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as it contains special ingredients to give it that chicken flavour, but no actual meat.

Add Some Soy Sauce

It is no wonder that soy sauce is a non-negotiable ingredient in so many Asian recipes. It is a delightfully versatile product that pairs well with numerous vegetarian recipes. Whether you choose to add it to your food while you're cooking or use it as a condiment, soy sauce adds a satisfyingly flavour and richness to your dish.

Now that you’re equipped with these four super simple ingredients, why not try them for your next meal and effortlessly take your veggie dishes from bland to gourmet.

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