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Make A Delicious Chicken Mayonnaise Casserole

Make A Delicious Chicken Mayonnaise Casserole

A tried-and-true champion of the kitchen - when it comes to preparing a hearty dish that will delight your family, you can’t go wrong with chicken. With this super versatile and flavourful meat, whether you’re having it fresh out the oven, straight from the braai, or with succulent chicken strips sprinkled throughout a dish, you’re always in for a mouth-watering mealtime. Today though, we’re placing the spotlight on a particular chicken dish. Rich, creamy and packed with scrumptious flavour, a chicken casserole is the perfect comfort food to delight your taste buds.

While cuddling up with a classic chicken casserole is an ideal way to wrap up a cold winter’s day, we have a fresh take on this old favourite. If it’s not delectably creamy, with a rich sauce coating your choice of veggies, protein and starch so that each fork-full is filled with hearty, indulgent flavour, it’s not a chicken casserole. And at What’s For Dinner, we’ve come up with a way to add even more decadent flavour to your chicken casserole – with the unmistakable, rich, tangy, feel-good flavour of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.

Chicken Mayonnaise Casserole

You might be a little unfamiliar with this one, but a chicken casserole made with mayonnaise is a delectable upgrade to this family favourite. We all know the beauty of a casserole is getting to put together a mix of your favourite foods, cloaked in a sensational sauce and baked to golden perfection. Hellmann’s mayonnaise transforms your usual chicken casserole into a flavour-filled treat, made to please any palate.

Picking potatoes as your casserole carb? Cloak them in a sauce infused with the rich, unmistakable mouth-watering taste of Hellmann’s. The mayo sauce will help ensure your spuds are super tender on the inside, and add a crispy crunch to the ones peaking out at the top. If rice is what your signature recipe calls for, making your chicken casserole with Hellmann’s will infuse the rice grains with heaps of savoury, tangy flavour. The result – plump rice that’s soaked up the rich, creamy, delicious mayo sauce. Sounds like a meal that’s guaranteed to delight.

If a pasta casserole is more your speed, Hellmann’s will certainly elevate your dish. A swirl of Hellmann’s in your sauce will add a savoury touch with some tangy flavour, to bind all your delicious casserole ingredients together in an embrace of indulgent, tantalising, creamy goodness. Give our Baked Chicken and Pasta Casserole a try to see just how Hellmann’s can transform your casserole into a crowd-pleasing comfort food.

A Bonus Tip For Making a Chicken Mayonnaise Casserole

Here’s a bonus tip for making an even more flavourful chicken mayo casserole: For larger chicken pieces, consider browning the chicken first before adding it to your other casserole ingredients to bake. Coat the pieces in a bit of mayonnaise seasoned with your favourite spices, or even marinade them overnight with a mix of mayo, curry powder and chicken spices. Browning your mayonnaise-coated chicken will give you crispy chicken that is super moist and packed with the delicious flavours of your mayo marinade.

Equipped with a scrumptious secret ingredient – Hellmann’s mayonnaise – you have all you need to elevate your chicken mayonnaise casserole into a legendary feast.

Visit What’s For Dinner today for more mouth-watering meal inspiration.

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