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Loving Local Because Local Is Lekker

Loving Local Because Local Is Lekker

Kumnand’ekhaya! Local is Lekker! Home Sweet Home! There are many ways to say it, but the sentiment remains: there is no place like home. And nothing says authentic South Africa like our food. Our versatile ingredients have a million different ways to pair, cook and serve up. A juicy piece of wors can be fried with some onions and tomato for a delicious boerewors sishebo mix, braai’d for match day with the amajita or enjoyed as part of a colourful plate at that weekend celebration with those nearest and dearest to us.

These treasured moments all have one thing in common, delicious food! Our menus are so much more than just food on a plate, and this is what makes us truly South African.

The time we’ve spent indoors during the different lockdown levels has helped us all appreciate these moments even more, it’s the little things that count. Spending time with those close to us, doing the things that we’ve been putting off for way too long and of course, trying out new things! This season we want to put all of these activities together as we learn how to make some of our favourite local dishes!

You know those meals you’ve always loved but simply can’t get right? Or that secret recipe that ‘somebody’ doesn’t want to share with you because…’it’s a family recipe’? Well, we’re doing away with all of that and sharing all the best kept recipes and cooking secrets for you to try! We might not be able to visit each other’s kitchens physically, but we can at least share stories, memories, and a delicious recipe, right?!

With so many different cultures and traditions, we each have a unique way of preparing certain dishes. It’s impossible to have only one way of cooking a specific meal. Each culture, community and kitchen has its own method to get the perfect spice blend, ingredient selection and most importantly, the cooking method. Our differences are what make us special, and our different foods are what make us even more interesting. This is why we’re lifting the lid on these dishes and celebrating these meals by sharing more than just the picture-perfect image once it’s complete.

We’re bringing together experts from different backgrounds, with different cultures, and different food stories, to share how they put some of their favourite meals together. In true ubuntu style, we’ll be holding nothing back as we welcome you to our What’s For Dinner kitchen to share our Loving Local recipes.

Life is too short to be having the same meal over and over, no matter how delicious it is. Rekindle your love for uniquely South African cuisines as we go on this tasty journey of exploring some of our most loved local African dishes. Your kitchen is where it all begins this season, as we learn how to make the meals that really taste like home. Bring out your chopping board, pots, and cooking utensils for this one-of-a-kind cooking experience where the student prepares the meal.

We’ll be sharing a step-by-step guide from some of our favourite experts on how to make authentic South African meals. Whether it’s that spicy chicken livers starter, tasty mains to impress your in-laws or a fresh dessert you can actually be proud of, we are here for your culinary needs. Be sure to browse through our website and see which of our recipes you can explore today!

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