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How to Make Healthy Vegetable Fritters

How to Make Healthy Vegetable Fritters

For many of us, when we’re looking for ways to get into a healthier lifestyle, the kitchen is often the first place we think of. Healthy eating contributes to your health and well-being in so many ways, which is why so many parents often look for mouth-watering ways to pack extra nutrition into everyday meals. When it comes to finding foods that have that perfect balance of providing heaps of nutritional value and even more flavour though, things can get tricky.

If you’ve been thinking of ways to treat your family with delicious dishes that are also nutritious, you’re in the right place, because at What’s For Dinner we’ve found the solution in the form of scrumptious vegetable fritters. If you’re wondering, ‘where can I find vegetable fritter recipes?’ to turn up the tastiness and nutritious goodness of your home eats, read on for our sensational recipes that are sure to satisfy.

Have Some Fun With Healthy Vegetable Fritters

Many home cooks know that when it comes to cooking with vegetables, you’re always spoilt for choice! From the assortment of delightful flavours to the various vibrant colours, vegetables can truly transform any dish with their great taste and numerous nutritional benefits. Which is why at What’s For Dinner, we believe veggie fritters are such a winner!
They are super quick and easy to make and are an excellent way to ‘hide’ heaps of vegetables in a bite-sized form your kids won’t be able to get enough of.

You can use any vegetables you like, which is ideal for any leftover veggies you don't know what to do with, and great for ensuring your young ones are eating a good variety of veggies. Vegetable fritter recipes are also super simple, requiring just a few ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen, to make the tastiest healthy treats.

Tips for Making the Tastiest Veggie Fritters

Fritters are so simple to make that not much can go wrong when you’re making this dish. But to ensure your fritters come out looking and tasting fantastic, here are 2 tips for making mouth-watering healthy fritters.

1. Use a sizzling hot, non-stick skillet - To avoid your fritters breaking apart from sticking to your pan, use a non-stick one. And before putting your fritter mix into the pan, ensure it’s sizzling hot to help create a delightful crust on your fritters.

2. Remove as much moisture as you can - With fritters, a lot of people ask, ‘why are my vegetable fritters soggy?’. Well, certain veggies like baby marrow have a significant amount of moisture which gets released when you shred or grate them. So to avoid soggy fritters, make sure you drain as much moisture as you can from your veggies before mixing them with your other ingredients.

If you’re thinking, ‘what can I serve vegetable fritters with?’, there are a number of options to choose from, so it really comes down to your preference. Some popular options include serving your fritters with a dollop of plain yoghurt, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce, guacamole or a green salad.

3 Must-Try Vegetable Fritter Recipes

Roasted Butternut Fritters

These roasted butternut veggie fritters are simply irresistible. The rich, savoury flavour that comes from roasting the butternut combined with the creamy indulgence of the mashed potatoes is what makes these fritters a true delight. So the next time you have mash and butternut leftovers, give them a makeover and transform them into fritters that will make your tastebuds sing.

Veggie Fritters

Try a more traditional take on vegetable fritters with this super yummy recipe. Packed with so many wonderful flavours, tuck into these veggie fritters and taste the pops of sweet, crunchy corn, carrots and a medley of other mouth-watering veggies. Making sure you’re getting your veggies in for the day in the tastiest way.

Beetroot, Sweet Potato and Carrot Chakalaka Fritters

Enjoy getting your 7 colours fix in veggie form with this super nutritious and absolutely delicious vegetable fritters recipe. With a mix of a variety of vibrant vegetables, these fritters are packed with a various nutrients and delightful flavours for you to nibble on. Dip them in the cream cheese dressing for a delectable snack.For more healthy meal ideas you’ll love, visit What’s For Dinner today.

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