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How To Cook Delicious Mung Beans

How To Cook Delicious Mung Beans

Mung beans are tasty little morsels that can be prepared similarly to any other bean. With a just few tips, you can find your favourite way to enjoy mung beans.

Cooking Instructions:
Like any legume it is always best to wash and soak mung beans before cooking. This will assist in shortening the cooking time. Mung beans are best when boiled as the boiling process allows them to absorb flavour as they become deliciously tender.

How to cook delicious mung beans
Top recipe using mung beans:
Recipe Instruction:

Mung beans are used in a variety of dishes because of their ability to absorb flavour so well. They are perfect in saucy dishes like curries, soups or noodles, and they’re just as good added to stir fries and salads. Mung beans don’t only add flavour; they will also add a healthy dose of plant-based protein to your meal.

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