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Easy Recipes That Incorporate Spice for Rice

Easy Recipes That Incorporate Spice for Rice

Rice is a staple food amongst communities around the world, that serves as a superb side to accompany dishes like stews, roasts, veggies and more, or even as a flavourful, filling dish on its own. It’s a quick and convenient dinner solution to ensure you have food on the table in minimal time, and it’s the perfect food to pack heaps of flavour and nutrition into.
With how popular and convenient rice is when it comes to home cooking, it can be easy to get used to serving up the same old plain boiled rice night after night.

So it comes as no surprise that so many people are looking for ways to breathe some life into their rice dishes with new and exciting flavours. Fortunately, Mzansi’s most trusted name in quality spices - Robertsons - has a flavourful seasoning solution that’s perfect for adding rich, exotic flavours to rice and a host of other dishes – Robertsons Spice For Rice. With Robertsons Spice For Rice seasoning, you can say goodbye to boring and bland rice dishes and welcome an explosion of exotic flavours in every meal.

Read on to discover how to use spice for rice in your meals and the best Robertsons Spice for Rice recipes to take your rice dishes to mouth-watering heights.

Infuse Your Rice with World-Class Flavour

As the spice people, with every seasoning, Robertsons has travelled to the ends of the earth to source the finest quality herbs and spices to craft into masterful spice mixes and blends. And with the Spice For Rice Seasoning, it’s no different with a masterful blend of herbs and spices that deliver bold, world-class flavour and vibrant colour to your meals.

To add to the delicious flavours Robertsons Spice For Rice infuses in your dishes the convenience it brings too. If you were wondering, ‘How do you use spice for rice?’ or when to add spice for rice to your pot to ensure a sensational meal, don’t worry, because it’s quick and easy. For most recipes, simply add 1 ½ tablespoons of Robertsons Spice For Rice to your pot and then add your rice and cook as normal. Now that you have the technique, here are four flavour-filled recipes for you to try using Robertsons Spice For Rice.

Infuse Flavour into Your Rice with Robertsons

Egg Fried Rice - This simple classic dish gets a palate-pleasing twist with the punch of rich flavour the Spice For Rice provides. This recipe is the perfect way to transform any leftover rice from bland to bursting with flavour. So try this egg-fried rice recipe for a meal that will have everyone wanting seconds.

Golden Baked Rice - Infused with the rich taste of Robertsons Spice For Rice, this delectable recipe has enough flavour to go from a scrumptious side dish to the star of the plate. The crunchy crust and rich spicy flavour make this rice recipe a must-try for a tantalising meal. Try this dish with grilled protein or a stew for an unforgettable tasty meal.

Spicy Rice Pilau - If you’re looking for the perfect side to pair with your seafood dish, give this spicy rice pilau recipe a try. The warm, spicy flavours of the pilau complement any fish dish, adding a bold taste and colour to your meal that’s sure to please any crowd. Give this easy dish a try to satisfy the family.

Spicy Rice - To take your meal to the next level, serve it with this simple and scrumptious spicy rice as a side for a delectable meal. Use this recipe for your stir fries, biriyanis, one-pot rice meals and any other rice dish recipe and serve it with any main dish you like for an amazing meal. Infusing your rice with incredible flavour is easy with Robertsons Spice For Rice. So for an explosion of exotic, spicy flavour in every dish, make sure you cook with Robertsons Spice For Rice - you won’t be disappointed.

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