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Delicious Soup Recipe

Delicious Soup Recipe

Once the sun starts to set a little earlier every day and the cold winter nights start to kick in, you know that the season for soup has arrived. There’s nothing better to cuddle up to on a cold winter’s night than a steaming hot bowl of your favourite soup.

When soup is on the menu, you know you’re in for a winter-warming treat. But sometimes coming up with new ideas for exciting and easy tasty soup recipes can be hard. So, to help you create a hearty soup, bursting with mnandi flavour, we’re sharing some top tips to help you make the tastiest soups throughout the winter.

So let’s dive into how you can make the perfect soup to help warm you up this winter.

The Ideal Winter Meal

There are many reasons why soup is the perfect meal to have throughout the winter. First, there are so many delicious types of soup to choose from. You can enjoy a soup that makes any of your favourite 7-colour veggies the star of the show, like with a yummy butternut and carrot soup. Or you can satisfy those serious lunchtime cravings with a hearty meaty soup. Or if you prefer meatless meals that still pack some nyama flavour, you can always find the most delicious soup recipes to match your taste.

The second reason these belly-warming bowls of goodness are great for the winter is that soups are not only super delicious but they’re nutritious too. Many soups are made with a mix of a variety of veggies and meats, which makes it the perfect way to give your family a nourishing meal that’s full of flavour. Soups are also a great way to stretch your ingredients so that on those days when you have many hungry mouths to feed, you have a soup that will keep everyone satisfied.

With so many types to choose from, it makes sense if you’ve been wondering, ‘How can I make my soup taste better?’. So, let’s explore some of the solutions What’s For Dinner has in store to help you make a flavourful soup.

What To Put In Soup To Make It Taste Good?

When it comes to making delicious, healthy soups, they can be made from your choice of any meats, veggies, or a mix of the two. This wide variety of ingredients means there are also several ways for you to add some mouth-watering, hearty flavour to your soup. Here are 2 ways to add some serious flavour to your winter soups.

1. Use a Quality Stock

Stock cubes and powders are an excellent way to add some serious rich flavour to your soup. But not all stocks can be trusted to deliver the generous flavour you need, so it’s important to choose a good quality stock for a soup with strong flavour. One brand that you can trust to always deliver delicious flavour is Knorrox. With Knorrox’s range of stock cubes and powders, you can create the most flavourful soups, filled with delicious nyama flavour that will leave everyone feeling satisfied.

So, try Knorrox Chilli Beef or Knorrox Chicken Stock Cubes to add some mouth-watering meaty flavour to your soups. Or give our Knorrox Vegetable Curry Stock Powder a try to enjoy a soup with hearty vegetable flavour and some spicy heat.

2. Use a Soup Powder

A delicious soup can be made using a mix of ingredients you already have - pumpkin, spinach, carrots. These hearty vegetables add a savoury flavour to your soup, but sometimes that flavour just isn’t strong enough. So to add a delicious taste to your soup and make your veggies sing with hearty flavour, try soup powders like Knorrox Minestrone Soup or Knorrox Oxtail Soup.

Knorrox soup powders are made with quality herbs and spices to help you make meals that are filled with strong, rich meaty flavour to feed the whole family. So use a Knorrox soup powder to add satisfying savoury flavour to your soup.

Give This Hearty Recipe a Try

With our two tips, you have everything you need to make the most delicious soup. So instead of wondering, ‘What soup is best for a cold winter night?’, give our Knorrox Spicy Bone Marrow and Bean Soup recipe a try. This hearty soup is so delicious, and thanks to the beans and bone marrow, it’s packed with nutrients too.

To make a delicious soup that delivers strong, rich meaty flavour, make use of our soup tips and create flavourful meals that satisfy the whole family every time.

Visit What’s For Dinner today for more winter meal inspiration.

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