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Cosy Winter Picnic Ideas

Cosy Winter Picnic Ideas

When we think of picnics, often what comes to mind is a few hours of fun in the sun, paired with light, refreshing, tasty treats that will help you recover from the summer heat. When it comes to winter picnics though, your picnic treats need to transform into something that can help to keep you warm.

During the chilly seasons, you need mouth-watering meals that will help keep the winter blues at bay and allow you to take in the winter scenery while you tuck into something delicious.

Figuring out what dishes to make for a cosy winter picnic meal, can be a bit tricky. At What’s For Dinner, we believe that whether you’re taking on the winter frost or soaking up some sunshine, picnics in any season can be made up of mouth-watering meal times. This is why we’ve put together a list of winter picnic recipes so that you can enjoy delicious dishes, no matter the weather. So read on for some super tasty meal ideas, perfect for a cosy winter picnic.

Tips For a Winter Picnic

For a picnic that’s full of crowd-pleasing plates of flavourful finger foods, here are two tips to consider:

  • Your winter picnic dishes should be easy to eat with your hands in just a few bites so that it’s easy to share, quick to eat so that guests can get back to socialising, and so you don’t have to worry about packing eating utensils for a group of people

Winter Picnic Food Ideas

Sticky, Spicy Chicken Wings

A little bit of sweetness and just enough spice are what make these tasty sticky chicken wings such a treat. For a dish that’s sure to leave everyone licking their fingers, give this spicy wings recipe a try and watch them fly off the plate.

Get the recipe here.

Mouth Watering Cabbage Rolls

If you’ve been wondering, “What should I bring to a winter picnic lunch?” these bite-sized cabbage rolls, bursting with rich, hearty flavours are perfect for the job. Plump rice grains together with creamy chicken livers, wrapped in a crunchy cabbage leaf - this meal is simple but it tastes so good. Tuck into these mini cabbage rolls for mouthfuls of satisfying flavour.

Get the recipe here.

Pepper Steak and Kidney Pockets

Packed with rich, savoury flavour, pies are the perfect winter-warming meal. And with this pepper steak and kidney pockets recipe, they’ll be perfect for adding to your winter picnic too. The tender steak and kidneys are cooked in a delicious, hearty, meaty gravy for a filling that’s full of flavour. Serve these up at your next picnic and watch smiles of satisfaction appear as everyone tucks into the deliciousness.

Get the recipe here.

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