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Robertsons Crushed Garlic


Garlic has been a celebrated ingredient in cooking since ancient Egyptian times. High in antioxidants, with anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties, garlic is not only a must-have in most kitchens, but it’s also known to help with a variety of ailments.

Robertsons Crushed Garlic comes in delicious, easy-to-use powder form and can be added to most dishes, especially those containing onions, to bring out the flavours within the dish. Other garlic variants available in the Robertsons range include Garlic Salt, and Garlic Flakes. Look for the bottles with a blue lid when searching for these products on the shelf.

Key Benefits:

• Non-irradiated

• GMO-free

• No added MSG

• Convenient & time saving

• Long shelf life

• Medicinal properties


Crushed garlic powder is a convenient, time-saving alternative to using raw garlic. Unlike fresh garlic which requires peeling, cooking and can easily burn, Robertsons Crushed Garlic gives you all the flavour without the hassle. It also has a long shelf life making it an easy go-to when fresh ingredients are not readily on hand.


Robertsons Crushed Garlic is meticulously blended by masters in their craft with years of experience in adding just enough to bring the right level of pungency to your dish.

Crushed garlic can be used in everything from mince curries and homemade burger patties (meat, vegetarian, or vegan) to potato bakes, pasta sauces and roasted vegetables. Additionally, Robertsons garlic powder works a charm when used as a dry rub to season roast chicken. You can also add it to a hearty bone broth for more antioxidants and a delectable aroma. This makes it a very versatile product and a great kitchen resource.

Give Your Body A Boost

Garlic boasts many potential health benefits:

• Highly nutritious with few calories

• Helps combat illnesses, like the common cold

• Can assist in reducing blood pressure

• Can improve cholesterol levels, which may lower the risk of heart disease

• Contains antioxidants that may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

• May help detoxify heavy metals in the body

• May improve bone health

EAN Number: 6009001003717






May contain cow's milk, egg, soya & gluten.

Nutritional information

Per Serving
Calories per 100g332 kcal
Total Fat per 100g0.8 g
Saturated Fats per 100g0.1 g
Trans Fat per 100gm0 g
Polyunsaturated Fats per 100g0.4 g
Monounsaturated Fats per 100gm0 g
Cholesterol per 100gm0 mg
Total Carbohydrates per 100g72.7 g
Dietary Fiber per 100gm9.9 g
Sugars per 100g24.3 g
Protein per 100gm17 g

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