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Festive Vegetables

Festive Vegetables

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Spruce up your veggies this Christmas - ideal with gammon or chicken.

Preparation time


4 large potatoes and dried, washed and scrubbed
1 Knorr Three cheese Pasta Sauce
15 ml olive oil
60 ml Knorr Creamy Honey & Mustard salad dressing
125 g Stork margarine
600 g Brussels sprouts
1 Knorr vegetable stock pot (dissolved in 300 ml boiling water)
Robertsons Atlantic sea salt
Robertsons freshly ground Black Pepper (to taste)

Preparation method

Slice the potato widthwise as thin as possible (about 2mm) making sure you don't go through the base
Put the potatoes into an ovenproof dish
In a pan melt the margarine and stir in the KNORR Three Cheese Pasta Sauce powder
Pour the mixture over the potatoes
Bake in a preheated 180°C oven for 1 hour
Baste occasionally while cooking
Serve as an accompaniment to a roast dinner
Clean the Brussels sprouts and cut in half
In a pan heat the olive oil, fry the Brussels sprouts for 1 minute.
Add the stock and KNORR Creamy Honey & Mustard Salad Dressing to the Brussels sprouts
Simmer for 3-4 minutes until tender
Remove the sprouts while they are still bright green in colour and keep warm
Turn the heat up and reduce the liquid to make a thickened sauce
Place the sprouts back into the sauce and serve with Robertsons Atlantic Sea Salt
Robertsons Freshly ground Black Pepper

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