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Lemon Garlic Prawns On The Braai

Lemon Garlic Prawns On The Braai

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A quick and easy decadent snack or dinner party starter, perfect in a salad or on its own, it’s bound to be a succulent crowd pleaser.

Preparation time


1 kg prawns, deveined with shell and head intact
250 ml Knorr Creamy garlic and Herb Salad Dressing
3 lemons, halved
15 ml fresh parsley, chopped
Robertsons paprika

Preparation method

In a bowl mix together the KNORR Creamy Garlic & Herb Salad Dressing, juice of two lemons, parsley and a sprinkling of Robertsons Paprika.
Pour the sauce over the prawns then season with salt and black pepper and leave to marinate in the fridge.
Grill the prawns over hot coals turning over occasionally until the prawns turn pink (this indicates that they are cooked through).
Remember to continue basting the prawns with the remaining marinade and squeeze the juice of the remaining lemon over the prawns as they are cooking

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