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Mushroom and Spinach Filo Pie

Mushroom and Spinach Filo Pie

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Take a traditional pasta alfredo and make something brand new – like a mouth-watering mushroom and spinach filo pie. Filo pastry is light, crispy and the perfect casing for the creamy pasta filling. Serve with a crisp salad on the side, for an extra bite of freshness.

Preparation time


350 grams portobello mushroom sliced
15 ml olive oil
200 grams baby spinach washed
salt and pepper to taste
2 Knorr Aldredo Pasta and Sauce
250 ml low fat milk
750 ml hot water
4 sheet of filo pastry
60 ml butter melted

Preparation method

Preheat the oven to 200˚C.
Heat the oil in a medium pan and fry the mushrooms for 5-10 minutes. Add the baby spinach and fry until wilted. Season with salt and black pepper. Set aside.
In a medium size saucepan, bring the water and milk to the boil.
Add the packet contents and stir continuously until boiling.
Reduce the heat and simmer uncovered for 8-10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Fold the cooked mushrooms and spinach through the sauce and pour it into a 1,25L capacity oven proof dish.
Brush the filo sheets with the melted butter and scrunch each one up lightly with your hands. Top the pasta in the dish with the scrunched-up pastry and bake in the oven for 20minutes until golden and crisp.
Serve with a side salad of your choice.


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