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Rajah, Aroma you can taste no matter the meal

Look Out for Rajah Curry Masters Coming Soon!

Look Out for Rajah Curry Masters Coming Soon!

Nothing says ‘Dinner Is Ready’ like the smell of a hot, delicious curry made with love. Whether you’re in a buzzing township with children playing in the streets or a big city filled with tall shadowy buildings that always remind us when it’s almost dinner time, we all know and recognise the mouth-watering aroma of a curry made with Rajah.

We’ve seen this dish evolve over the years, but one thing remains true: this traditional dish will be with us for centuries to come. The story of a South African curry is in fact the story of our people, our communities, and our lives. Kitchens around the country recognise this authentic dish, and it’s inviting aromas have been a part of many memories at the dinner table.

There are many things to consider when making a curry. Is it made with potatoes or not? Do we use diced tomatoes or crushed tomatoes? And of course, the long debate in answering ‘Which spices are an absolute must have in your curry pot?’. This versatile dish has been a favourite on our tables for centuries and each family having their own unique way of making their curry just right. A lunchtime meal when taking a break from work, or a romantic date recipe for two…there are many ways to enjoy a curry, and it all starts with Rajah.

At Rajah, we want people to master curries. Not only cooking a curry to perfection, but cooking curry with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the craft and the ingredients. We want to give people a glimpse of the story behind a curry – why it’s made how it is, how the ingredients have evolved, what the dish means to people … and why the curry has become such an iconic dish today. Join us as we take you through the journey of a South African curry, and master some of the best curry recipes from our very own country.

Look out for the Rajah Curry Masters and see how they put together their favourite curry recipes.

Master The Curry. Know The Story.

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